Two partners from Freestyle New Media are urging the digital industry to strip off and get very wet this December in a bid to raise money for World Swim For Malaria. And there are prizes…

What is World Swim For Malaria?
A global swim. The biggest ever. Already there are a quarter of a million people participating in 130 countries. Why? Because the equivalent of 7 jumbo jets full of children die from malaria every day (that’s: EVERY day). 100% of the money raised by this simple global initiative will go to buy £3 mosquito nets. Mosquito nets are the single most effective means of preventing malaria. Malaria is the world’s single largest killer of children.

World Swim For Malaria’s aim is to have a million swimming - not all necessarily on 3rd Dec. You swim when it suits you.

What started as an idea in the front room of a house in London has grown into a global event with the involvement and support of more than 100 organisations including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Speedo and Microsoft. In short, if we swim, we save lives. If we don’t swim, we don’t save lives, so let’s swim.

What’s Freestyle’s involvement?
Freestyle’s Alan Cooper and Suzanne Linton, both nationally ranked Master Swimmers (for the Veterans category!), heard about World Swim For Malaria and decided to swim. Now they are calling for their peers in other digital agencies to dive in and ‘be counted too’, and have fun while participating and contributing.

So, What’s the challenge?
Teams of 6 see how far they can swim in 30 minutes.
That’s it.
It’s that simple.
You don’t even have to swim at the same time as your team-mates although it would be more teamly if you did.

The prizes
The biggest prize is helping to save lives. That’s why everyone globally is swimming.

But to spice things up, there will be prizes for the most outrageous team photograph (it must be printable), the most money raised and, yes, for the furthest team distance swum (no cheating please).

What to do next
Go to and register your intention to take part. Then you just follow the instructions.

You can sign up to swim on 3rd Dec or you can swim on another day. You swim when it suits you.

If you have read this far but are still unsure whether you will enter a team (or more than one team), consider this: 7 jumbo jets full of children die of malaria every day. You don’t need any more reason than that to swim, get involved and be counted in World Swim For Malaria. Go to and make the digital industry proud.

For more information contact:

Freestyle New Media: Delia Goldsby; Alan Cooper, Suzanne Linton: 01926 652832

Journalists can contact Rob Mather (started World Swim For Malaria) on 07711263 725



Published on: 12:00AM on 17th November 2005