Central Government Websites
The DTI website demonstrates itself as a disgusting example of the UK’s department that’s promoting e-commerce and online activities, virtually every single page tested fails every basic test, rather a thorn in our side than a shinning example. Top of the league and best site overall was Child Support Agency (www.csa.gov.uk). At the bottom of the table, once again the poorest site overall is the Department of Trade & Industry (www.dti.gov.uk) continually the bottom site of the rankings.

A copy of the full report is available at no charge please email cen_gov1005@sitemorse.com

Local Gov. Sites
We had a new number one last month, well done Hastings 1st time in the top spot.

Congratulations also to Hounslow, they achieved the highest jump in the table – the recently re-launched site moving up over 400 places. We shall featured a more detailed review of what they achieved with the new site over the coming weeks.

Web manager, Zoë Laycock, commented: “With the help of the SiteMorse testing tools, we are really pleased with our achievement. We still have quite a bit yet to accomplish, but based on past experience and using testing as part of our development strategy, we are quite positive about our future outcome.”

Hounslow Council's commitment to modernizing local government and its service delivery capability has just re-launched its website as part of an ongoing programme of website improvements and the delivery of online transactional services.

Manchester also once again manages to break records – their site showed terrible performance and a dreadful number of HTML errors, in total over 1.25 million problems – no wonder they are just under 800 times slower than the best.

A copy of the full report is available at no charge please email local_gov1005@sitemorse.com

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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th November 2005