Looking for the pros of Pay Per Click advertising? New directory whoisaGAP http://www.whoisagap.com helps you find Google Advertising Professionals and Companies.

Google best practice funding (BPF), due to go live in January, has a specific requirement for two Google Advertising Professionals (GAPs) , under the scheme eligible companies should receive commission via a tiered reward scheme and be able to deliver cost efficiencies against their peers, therefore who is or isn't a GAP has become an important factor in the Pay Per Click buying process.

Additionally companies that do not possess two GAP's already will potentially not be able to become elligible for best practice funding within Q1 2006 due to the 90 day GAP qualification period. For the first time this good recognition by Google for the companies and individuals who have supported the Google Advertising Professionals Qualification since it launched in 2004 and passed it already.

Edward Cowell says "If you are a big media buyer without two qualified employees you'll be trying to get GAP's on your team or potentially be looking acquire qualified companies in order to offset Q1 commission losses."

However finding companies or individuals who are GAP qualified is actually very difficult and Google doesn't publish the info anywhere. New directory whoisaGAP helps you find Google Advertising Professionals and Companies. Currently the website recognizes over 226.


Published on: 12:00AM on 24th November 2005