Bloc Media launches a viral game with animated banners to promote Black & White 2 across Europe and North America

This week, Bloc Media launches an online marketing campaign for Electronic Arts (EA), to promote the computer game, Black & White 2. The campaign allows the user to play a 30 second psychometric quiz, the outcome of which will reveal their ‘inner God’ – peaceful or destructive!

Targeting 25-35 year old males, a viral game supported by animated banners, will be available on websites such as and

Pedro Sanudo, European Senior Consumer Marketing & Online Manager at Electronic Arts, comments: “Bloc’s digital campaign for Black & White 2 captures the key demographic perfectly. This quick, easy creative allows the user to interact with the product in an effortless and personal way. The engaging viral is designed to drive traffic to the official website and raise awareness of the game.”

The consumer is taken through a quick and humorous 30 second quiz, which asks five simple multiple choice questions, with supporting animations, each having a good and bad option. Depending on what answers have been given, the psychometric test will reveal the gamers ‘inner God’, and reward them with a downloadable ‘Certificate of Divinity’ declaring them a ‘God of Peace’ or a ‘God of Destruction’.

Rick Palmer, Managing Director at Bloc Media, comments: “Player interaction in a quick and fun way is at the heart of our strategy for this campaign. By allowing gamers to enjoy answering the simple, but engaging questions we are able to reinforce Black & White 2’s core theme. The creative is intended to be personal, fun and quirky, motivating players to share results with their online community.”

Bloc’s animated banners support the viral quiz. One banner displays the words ‘You have the power to create or destroy’, displaying a knife with the words ‘create’ and ‘destroy’ on either side. Players can drag the knife to either destination, revealing a humorous good and bad outcome. The ad finishes by showing the viewer a relevant in-game video, based on their choice and finally directs them to one of two sites: or

The viral game will be seeded across Electronic Arts’ European database, with the animated banners being placed on various sights across the UK, Europe and North America, including, and The online campaign will run for three months.

Bloc’s online campaign is part of an integrated strategy to promote Black & White 2. The above-the-line campaign and print campaign have been developed by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 6th October 2005