London, 6 September 2006: Online publisher E-consultancy has been shortlisted in two categories for this year’s AOP Awards, which are aimed at rewarding excellence in digital publishing.

E-consultancy is up for two awards, both in the business categories of Online Publisher 2006 and Editorial Team 2006. It faces stiff competition from past winners Reed Business in the Online Publisher category, and the likes of Silicon and Brand Republic in the Editorial category.

E-consultancy publishes practical reports aimed at helping business people and marketers to execute best practice internet strategies.

The in-house subject expertise is broad, covering obvious topics such as search engine marketing and email marketing, as well as more niche subjects such as on-site search, which is of vital importance to e-commerce companies.

As well as publishing reports E-consultancy also maintains a blog (, launched in summer 2006, which is aimed at delivering news, comment and insight related to internet business.

Additionally, a newsletter ( featuring an interview with an industry insider is despatched to 22,000 users every week.

E-consultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein said: “We’re pleased to be nominated and hope that the judges will look beyond our subscription firewall, as that’s where the really good content lives!

“That said, our free newsletter and blog continue to attract regular praise from old and new users, so we believe we’re on the right track and are continuing to help educate businesses about the benefits of the internet, and best practice.”

E-consultancy has thousands of paying subscribers and more than 42,000 registered users, with the vast majority working within the internet industry in the UK and US.

It was previously shortlisted for an AOP award in 2004.

Exclusive reports published in 2006 (via
1. Internet Statistics Compendium - September 2006
2. Web Analytics Buyer's Guide 2006
3. Email Marketing Buyer's Guide 2006
4. What's New in Online Marketing 2006 - Event Presentations
5. Charity Website Benchmarks 2006
6. Site Search Buyer’s Guide 2006
7. Shopping Comparison - Roundtable Briefing, May 2006
8. New Technologies - Roundtable Briefing, May 2006
9. Segmentation And Targeting - Roundtable Briefing, April 2006
10. Search Marketing Buyer's Guide (2006)
11. Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2006
12. Email Marketing Roundtable Briefing (April 2006)
13. SEO Roundtable Briefing, April 2006
14. Online PR - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006
15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Best Practice Guide
16. User Experience & Usability - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006
17. Online Customer Service - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006
18. Shopping Comparison Engines Buyer's Guide 2006
19. Affiliate Marketing - Roundtable Briefing, February 2006
20. Paid Search – Roundtable Briefing, February 2006
21. Web Analytics - Roundtable Briefing, February 2006
22. Online Marketing Masterclasses 2005 - Presentations
23. Online Ad Serving Solutions - A Buyer's Guide

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About E-consultancy
E-consultancy is the UK’s leading online publisher of best practice internet marketing reports, research and how-to guides. Since moving to a paid-content model in 2003 it has amassed thousands of paying subscribers, more than 42,000 registered users and 150,000+ unique user sessions per month. Its weekly newsletter is sent to 22,000 users.

Subscribers pay from £149 per year to access the exclusive and highly practical content, which is all geared at helping internet strategists and marketers to improve their websites.

E-consultancy has more than 100 events lined up for 2006, including roundtables and monthly Supplier Showcases, where six suppliers pitch to an audience of pre-qualified buyers (typically between 100-150) in a Central London venue.

E-consultancy also provides a range of public and in-house training programmes, helping companies to educate their teams about internet business and marketing.

Published on: 12:00AM on 6th September 2006