Vividas announces that its video streaming technology has brought high quality full screen video online, for the world’s largest IT company by revenue, in a campaign devised by leading advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather – one of the largest marketing communication networks in the world, with offices in over 150 cities, servicing more Fortune Global 500 companies in five or more countries than any other agency.

Vividas technology has enabled three highly creative 60” TV spots, previously shown only on TV in the USA, to be run on the internet in the UK and Germany. The TV spots are accessed from banners currently appearing in the UK on business sites like or and on general news sites like or

Nathalie Orban, Interactive Consultant at Ogilvy & Mather in Paris, said “My client’s TV spots, which first ran in the USA, showed business issues being discussed by characters in both the modern day and the medieval age (think King Arthur’s “business” roundtable). The spots were beautifully produced, entertaining, relevant, impactful and unexpected. We wanted to use these spots as part of on-line campaign in Europe, but the quality and potential impact of the spots meant that the team wanted to go further than “traditional” TV banners, which would only enable the video to be seen in a small format. So, the Ogilvy EMEA team partnered with Vividas to bring three of the 60” spots on line in full-screen, in all their glory – a first for our client.”

Vividas’ Chief Executive, Geoffrey Hamilton-Jones, said “Considering that Vividas’ video streaming business was launched in Australia in October 2004 and in the UK in March 2005, it has attracted the involvement of an impressive number of leading global names who are using it for online marketing and employee and corporate communications. Online currently accounts for approximately only 5% of total advertising spend in UK, Germany and France, so there is potential for a very substantial increase, particularly given the disproportionate amount of advertising expenditure on TV relative to the time being spent by households viewing it”.

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Notes for Editors:

Vividas Group plc trades on the AIM facility on the London Stock Exchange.

Vividas, the video technology developer, offers a web streaming technology product that provides marketing and advertising professionals with a new method for showcasing their products and services by enabling potential customers to see full screen, high quality TV commercials, film previews and internal communications on most PCs or Macs with no software installation required. In addition, the small file size can enable significant savings on bandwidth costs.

Unlike many other streaming technologies, users of Vividas don’t need to continually install or upgrade to various versions of media player software, thereby eliminating one of the main causes of hassle and frustration in the video viewing experience.

Vividas technology overcomes the disadvantages in many competing streaming solutions, which typically only offer partial screen or poor quality full screen viewing, and which usually require the user either to have or to install specialist player software. The core Vividas technology comprises a proprietary media player incorporating third party video and audio decompression technology.

Vividas soft launched in Australia in October 2004 and in the UK in March 2005, and have attracted an impressive number of leading global clients who use Vividas as part of their online marketing, employee and corporate communications.

Clients include: Deloitte, Foster’s Group, Jaguar, Nike, Rip Curl, Unilever and United International Pictures (UIP).

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st October 2005