Search engine relaunched with new features in five European countries / New capability to focus search on news, blogs and reference material, or to search for pictures and products / Simultaneous display of results from several search areas / Icons for easy visual identification / Combination of subject and area search for more sophisticated searching

London, 26 October 2005 - Seekport is today launching the latest development of its Internet search engine in five major European countries. Users in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy will be able to take advantage of the advanced features offered by Seekport for more intuitive searching and more relevant results.

The Seekport News Search feature allows users to search for results in current stories almost immediately after they are posted online by news sources. Topicality of the news items is shown by a time stamp, which is accurate to the minute.

Seekport's integrated country-specific Blog Search is a European first. As in all other search areas, blog search results are specifically marked as such with an easy to identify icon. In particular, active blogs are indexed hourly on and sorted by topicality and relevance. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular as channels for comment on current affairs and personal views by committed Internet publishers, and are already welcomed by many as a significant complement to conventional journalism.

The newly developed Reference Search makes it easier for users to obtain results from recognised information sources. Seekport defines as references certain online encyclopaedias such as Wikipedia and other lexica. These authoritative sources are marked with a special icon in the hit list for easier identification.

Icons identify all search result areas
All search areas in the Internet will in future be marked in Seekport either by an integrated hit list sorted by relevance, or will be shown separately by search result type. The News and Blog Search and Reference Search are among the new areas which Seekport is offering in addition to conventional subject-oriented search. Identification by icons and sorting categories ensures that Seekport searches retain their transparency and clarity despite this multi-layered approach, giving convenient and easy-to-use new capabilities for refinement of Internet searches on an individual basis. The new features significantly enhance the quality of Seekport search results, without adding complexity.

Apart from icon-marking of results, Seekport now also offers image search. The national quality teams pay particular attention to problematic contents, and ensure that the results of picture searching are as family-friendly as possible. The user also has the capability of selecting pictures by size and colour.

Product Search is another new feature which delivers the variety and quality for which Seekport is known. For every search enquiry, Seekport lists appropriate products from hundreds of online shops.

New functionalities for new clarity
The new functionalities in Seekport give clarity of results previously unknown in Internet searches. The user can display a number of search areas with just one search enquiry. The images and products found by every question can be displayed simultaneously in further columns, alongside the Internet hit list. A combination of Internet, product and image search can be combined and displayed in the desired format in a total of three columns.

The number of results in the individual search areas is shown to the user above the list of results. This shows whether it is worthwhile to look at the news, blogs or reference hits, and whether the search has found pictures and products. For further refinement of the desired results, Seekport also enables the user to combine the familiar (but further refined) subject search with the new area search.

The user can also take a brief look at individual search results by means of a preview window, without having to exit the results page. For increased security in Internet search, the contents of the preview window are filtered to eliminate pop-ups and diallers in advance. It is also possible by a single click to view all hits simultaneously in preview format.

"The relaunch of our European website impressively demonstrates our strength, to provide all Internet users with a country-specific, high-quality search", says Joachim Kreibich, Managing Director of Seekport Internet Tech¬nologies GmbH. "We have succeeded in providing users with a unique combination of features, enabling them to get to the right results quickly and precisely. The most important thing is that we have succeeded in systematically maintaining and even improving the transparency of Seekport searches, despite the large number of new features. That ensures unparalleled convenience of searching with Seekport." "At the present time there is no other provider that can offer such versatile, sophisticated and individualised capabilities in Internet search engine technology," adds Hermann Havermann, Managing Director of Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH. "We are setting a new standard with sophisticated technological solution implemented in this relaunch."

About Seekport
Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH, Munich, was created in December 2003 with the goal of providing individualised search services for companies at the highest technical level, and to establish one of Europe's leading search engines for the Internet. Seekport search technology is characterised by high accuracy of hits, ensured by innovative technologies and by local indexing teams. This high quality benefits both the business partners of the company and users in their internet searches. Seekport operates search engines in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy. Seekport has the backing of strong shareholders, giving an optimal combination of commercial and technological resources.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th October 2005