Reading Room powers forward with raft of new business worldwide

Digital communications agency Reading Room has recently won a heap of new business as it drives forward to engage with new clients

There have been several new wins recently including a number of projects for Sony Playstation, and the design of the microsite for Heart 106.2’s ‘Light up London’ campaign where visitors can sponsor an Oxford Street light to raise funds for charity.

Other new clients include the Global PR agency Hill & Knowlton and UNESCO the Paris based educational, scientific and cultural division of the UN. Who chose Reading Room from a number of international design companies to provide their web based services.

Further a field Reading Room has been appointed as online consultants for Sakhalin Energy in Eastern Russia, a joint venture between Shell, Mitsui and the Mitsubishi Corporation. Plus from Sydney, the launch of the online communications strategy for the Melbourne Docklands Community.

This activity has been possible thanks to an injection of funds earlier this year from venture capitalist firm Octopus Asset Management who recognised the massive potential of the agency. This has also enabled the creation of two new divisions within Reading Room, that of ‘Create’ and ‘Enterprise’, in recognition that clients are increasingly searching for both design and technical expertise from a single agency.

Margaret Manning, CEO of the company commented: “these recent wins around the world just go to show that Reading Room is being recognised as a leading light in the digital communications arena and clients are becoming more aware of the power of the internet.”


About Reading Room:

About Reading Room:

Reading Room ( stands at the forefront of the evolution of digital media, leading the way in the creation of innovative, cost-effective and intelligent strategies for its clients. We are dedicated to understanding, anticipating and shaping the way companies communicate with their audiences through digital platforms.

The company, set up in 1996, has offices in London, Manchester and Sydney.

The company is known for its expertise in all areas of digital communications, technology and marketing. Reading Room has completed projects for prestigious clients including Sony Entertainment Europe, UNESCO and Cancer Research UK.

If you would like further information please contact:

Margaret Manning
T: 020 7432 6000

Kirstie Buchanan
T: 0161 603 2000

Published on: 12:00AM on 28th October 2005