WMC LTD (UK), the Marketing company responsible for promoting the King Solomon’s brand has issued an invitation to pitch for its 2006 digital media budget. King Solomon’s Gaming is one of the veteran online gaming brands and is now seeking to greatly expand its marketing activities across the UK and Europe. Its current offering includes an online Casino, Poker Room, Interactive Bingo and skill games with other products scheduled to launch in 2006.

Keren Fuchs, Head of Marketing for the brand, says they are searching for a complete solution to help with the management and execution of their digital media buying. “Our business has grown considerably in the past 12 months and we feel we need to ensure our growing media budget is spent in the most efficient way possible” she explains. The initial estimated budget is set to top the £1m mark but “We will add budget as required if we see a good return” adds Fuchs.

Digital Media agencies are welcome to contact Keren at kerenf@wmcltd.co.uk for the full brief details.


Published on: 12:00AM on 31st October 2005