Just in time for Christmas, a new website has been launched to guide parents and grandparents to all the things that a young boy will be dreaming Santa will bring him on 25th December.

The website, Tractor and Trains, brings together in one place all the products that boys aged up to seven love to own with the focus purely on vehicles of various kinds. The site is organised into easy-to-use sections including toys and games, train sets, books, clothing and party kits. Hundreds of carefully selected products from many different sources are featured with large photos and prices clearly shown.

The website is the brainchild of Mark Anderson whose son is now 8 years old. Mark said, “Ever since my son was a toddler he has been interested in anything with wheels on – cars, trains, tractors and, particularly, fire engines - all his friends were the same. Finding original presents suitable for boys who are obsessed by vehicles was surprisingly difficult so I decided to build a website that did just that.”

Helpfully, the Tractors and Trains website also allows visitors to sort the products by character – so, for example, they can list all the Thomas the Tank Engine or Bob the Builder products. Alternatively, visitors can view all products related to a type of vehicle – such as all fire engines or tractors.

The Tractors and Trains website can be found at www.tractors-and-trains.co.uk and is already generating a considerable number of visitors just from word of mouth – it is expected to be a real hit this Christmas.

Contact: Mark Anderson
Tractors and Trains
01727 379920

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st November 2005