9 January 2006 - SomeoneJewish (www.someonejewish.com), the UK's premium online Jewish dating service has kicked off the new year with the placing of the biggest poster promoting something Jewish in recent years.

The SomeoneJewish 48 sheet poster is located in the north west London area of Golders Green, on Finchley Road near to the Tube station of the same name and offers a tongue-in-cheek question: "Mother still nagging?" with the response "The answer... SomeoneJewish.com"

The poster will stay up until February 1.

"We want the SomeoneJewish dating website to be at the centre of the Jewish singles community and therefore we thought it was appropriate to advertise it in the centre of one of the largest Jewish communities in London," says Eamonn Ozerovitch, managing director of SomeoneJewish.com parent company JMT Ventures.

"This is the first step in our 2006 plans for SomeoneJewish. SomeoneJewish is aimed at all sections of the Jewish community and that means we have invested in doing this to attract them. We hope that by having such a large poster will clearly define us as the Jewish dating service for the community."

Ozerovitch believes in not hiding his service and in making sure the Jewish word appears in it.

"We have a great service and we are proud to promote it. When I told people we were taking out this billboard, they were somewhat surprised to hear it especially when it would have the word Jewish in such large letters. Many Jewish organisation and businesses often hide the Jewish word behind acronyms or just use the letter J and hope people get it. Well, with SomeoneJewish, people clearly know what they are getting. A service to find, meet and schmooze with other Jewish people."

About SomeoneJewish (www.SomeoneJewish.com)
SomeoneJewish is the premier site for Jewish singles to find, schmooze and meet other Jewish people. It is part of the SomethingJewish network which is owned by JMT Ventures (www.jmtventures.com), the Jewish digital media company.

JMT Ventures other sites include: SomethingJewish.co.uk, DailyJews.com, JewishBlogging.com, JewishReunion.co.uk and JewishJokes.net

For more information:

Leslie Bunder
tel: 07976 220273 email: leslie@jmtventures.co.uk

Eamonn Ozerovitch
tel: 0208 950 8100 email: eamonn@jmtventures.co.uk

Published on: 12:00AM on 9th January 2006