Driven Quality Assurance Services begin 2006 with the launch of their partner services this week. Part of Driven Systems, DrivenQA create excellent return on investment by preventing costly software failure and delivering products that perform.

Why launch now?

The service has been launched to improve quality across the online industry. A little QA goes a long way, but is often overlooked until it’s too late.

It’s certainly a lesson that many new media companies wished they’d learnt in 2005. We can all recall e-commerce sites that spectacularly crashed and the online banking services whose security was flawed, breaching both trust and data protection laws.

The fact is, it costs more to rectify mistakes when they occur than it does to bring in QA and prevent problems from the outset. DrivenQA’s partnering service has been introduced to make sure new media companies get it right first time, delivering quality products guaranteed to be a success, so the bugs won’t bite this year.

DrivenQA says:

Rosie Sherry, who heads up the DrivenQA Network, said today:

“The benefits of the partnering are well stated, and we’re excited to extend our offering to the new media industry, our corporate expertise means that we are well placed to help secure client confidence and satisfaction”.

What are some spectacular QA failures of recent times?

Major online banking website was hit by security scare which allowed customers to access other people’s accounts.
[Source BBC]
The introduction of a new system for the Child Support Agency (CSA) failed spectacularly in the spotlight of the media. In addition to this, a ‘morale crisis’ has brought additional delays to families receiving payment.
[Source BBC]
UKeU, the £50 million scheme to set up an online university was scrapped in 2004 after students failed to sign up.
[Source BBC]

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Published on: 12:00AM on 13th January 2006