Birmingham Midshires’ mortgage intermediary web portal, BMSOLUTIONS.CO.UK, is recognised as a market leader and technology innovator. As one of the financial service sectors’ most functional and content rich websites, delivering streaming video ‘clinics’, calculation tools and a desktop messenger, the customer experience and speed of response is paramount.

SiteMorse is regularly used to validate the quality of BMSOLUTIONS.CO.UK, ensuring that high standards of delivery are met. Recent analysis by SiteMorse has measured BMSOLUTIONS.CO.UK as one of the highest performing financial services websites achieving a ‘MorseMark’ of 9 out of 10.

For David Roberts, director of strategy at Amatica, SiteMorse is a powerful tool. “As a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, we take great pride in how we deliver our customers’ online projects. We use SiteMorse to quality assure a website prior to it going live. It gives our customers confidence in our professional and quality driven approach.”

Jamie Walker, Birmingham Midshires’ e-commerce team leader, said “With 100% of Birmingham Midshires’ mortgage business fulfilled online, the quality and speed of BMSOLUTIONS.CO.UK is paramount. We’ve always had every reason to be satisfied with Amatica’s contribution to our online business delivery. The SiteMorse reports are proof positive of the quality of Amatica’s delivery.”

Amatica ( has delivered internet design and development and high availability hosting services to Birmingham Midshires since 1999.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 30th January 2006