Back to the top of the league and best site overall was Leicestershire Police. At the bottom of the table, representing the poorest site overall was Northants Police.

Website Function
2 sites were error free this month.

The site with the highest number of error occurrences was Surrey Police with nearly 1,700.

Website Compliance
Accessibility Compliance – results of automated testing against the mandatory requirements of Priority 1 (A) Accessibility (sites are also tested for AA compliance):
16 sites had 0% of pages failing Accessibility A, 30 sites scored less than 10% of pages with failures but 2 sites had more than 99% of pages failing Accessibility A.
One site failed the mandatory A tests on every page;

HTML – The site with the lowest number of warnings [HTML standards compliance within the requirements laid down by W3C and IETF] was Cheshire Police with 6. West Yorkshire Police had the poorest HTML with nearly 10,900 failures.

Website Performance
15 sites passed all basic speed tests, looking at first page download and simulated as being viewed by users with modem [56k] and ADSL [512k] access.

The sites with the fastest response time were National Crime Squad and Cumbria Police; Lincolnshire Police had the slowest response time and was 88 times slower than National Crime Squad and Cumbria Constabulary Police.

The site with the fastest download speed was Cumbria Police; Lincolnshire Police had the slowest download speed and was 299 times slower than Cumbria Constabulary Police.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th January 2006