Rock Kitchen Harris has worked with Leicestershire Constabulary for several years and together we have developed the Force's website and have solved communication issues that police and similar organisations face.

After several months of careful planning and development, a major upgrade of went live in October 2005. This includes a powerful bespoke Content Management System, created by Rock Kitchen Harris and Leicestershire Constabulary's new media team, which allows information to be added and edited very quickly, easily and securely.

The public can now use the site to get involved on a much more local level than before, finding out what matters to them and helping the police to do their job.

Improving the accessibility of the site was a core aim of the development, making it more usable and faster for all visitors whatever their experience and ability. The site is extensive and updated daily by Leicestershire Constabulary's Corporate Communications department, so this proved quite a challenge.

At the time we were developing the site we were not aware of SiteMorse and their analysis. The earlier version of the site was actually in 11th position in August and 26th in September. Our work has paid off, though, and saw the site jump up to 3rd place in the October report and 1st in November.

We were naturally disappointed to see the site slip to 4th place in December. A closer look soon revealed the problem, some HTML code had been added that was not strictly valid. We were able to correct this and immediately saw the results with a climb back to top spot in January.

Rock Kitchen Harris has also recently completed a website for Leicestershire Local Resilience Forum ( and is developing a new site for Nottinghamshire Police, launching soon. SiteMorse has become a useful tool, helping the company develop sites that meet the needs of the police and visitors to the site.

For further information, please contact Nicholas Le Seelleur +44 (0)207 193-0422

Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd February 2006