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Monday 31st January

New Guardian Unlimited service allows readers to play sudoku on their mobile phones and compete in an online sudoku league.

Solid State Group and Guardian Unlimited have launched a new sudoku service which allows readers of the newspaper and visitors to the Guardian Unlimited website to play sudoku on their mobile phones and compete head-to-head in an online league.

Graham MacFadyen, Subscriptions Manager at Guardian Unlimited describes this development as an example of “mobile as part of our overall strategy” rather than a distinct “mobile strategy”.

Sudoku, a game of numerical logic, has captured the attention of millions in its rapid rise to becoming the world’s most popular game.

By introducing an online league for mobile phone players, Solid State Group believes it can garner greater reader loyalty. Ben Rometsch, co-founder of Solid State Group, says “Uniquely, players can compete against each other by entering their scores into a newly developed website which tracks their performance and ranks them as scores are submitted. This connection between the normally disparate mobile and web platforms is a key part of the strategy to enhance the user experience.”

Downloadable games to mobile phones are increasingly appealing to a new generation of younger readers, who are ever more difficult to reach through traditional media.

Solid State Group is a technical agency that delivers content management, mobile and web application development and services. The London based company was founded in 2002 and has developed mobile applications for Yahoo and Ericsson in the mobile arena, and web applications for 20th Century Fox and the BRIT Awards.

Published on: 12:00AM on 31st January 2006