London, 4 January 2006: today announces that it has completed an ABC ELECTRONIC audit which showed that it had more than 145,000 monthly unique users.

The ABC ELECTRONIC certificate was issued for E-consultancy after its traffic figures during October 2006 were independently verified to industry-agreed standards as set by JICWEBS*.

• Audit period: 1 October – 31 October 2006
• Unique Users: 145,461
• Page Impressions: 418,757

ABC ELECTRONIC audited data provides the online media industry with a trusted and robust currency on which media space can be bought and sold, and delivers to the market independent assurance that a website is attracting the size of audience it claims.

Ashley Friedlein, CEO of E-consultancy, said: “We are delighted that our traffic figures have confirmed that we are the leading internet marketing website in the UK. As advocates of online best practice, it makes sense for us to have our traffic figures verified by an independent, rigorous and respected auditing process such as that offered by ABC ELECTRONIC.”

Richard Foan, Managing Director of ABC ELECTRONIC, commented: “It is highly encouraging that E-consultancy is delivering both comparability and transparency by committing to having its site traffic figures independently verified to industry agreed standards.

“ABC ELECTRONIC audited figures continue to provide the online media industry with an important tool to support media buyers and advertisers in their buying decisions, and for the market as a whole to demonstrate accountability of spend online.”

*JICWEBS (The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland) is a body created by the UK and Ireland media industry. Its purpose is to ensure independent development and ownership of standards for measuring on a site centric, census basis audience reach, frequency and activity levels including the use and effectiveness of advertising on electronic media. ABC ELECTRONIC supports the work of JICWEBS by delivering audit and certification services for electronic media usage to these industry agreed standards.

About E-consultancy (
E-consultancy is an online publisher of best practice internet marketing reports, research and how-to guides.

E-consultancy, which was named Publisher of the Year at the 2006 AOP Awards, also publishes buyer’s guides and has a directory of 100,000+ third party internet marketing white papers.

Since moving to a paid-content model in 2003 E-consultancy has amassed thousands of paying subscribers and more than 45,000 registered users. E-consultancy is popular among internet professionals around the world, for delivering practical, time-saving advice and insight.

Subscribers pay from £149 per year to access the exclusive and highly practical content. E-consultancy has more than 100 events lined up for 2007, including roundtables and monthly Supplier Showcases, where six suppliers pitch to an audience of pre-qualified buyers in a Central London venue. E-consultancy also runs both in-house and public training courses.

ABC ELECTRONIC ( was established in 1996 as the industry owned, tri-partite, not for profit organisation, which works on behalf of advertisers, media buyers and media owners to provide third party independent verification and certification for data related to electronic media (Internet, Email, SMS, Interactive TV, WAP, PDA and Streaming audio and video) in the UK and Ireland.

ABC ELECTRONIC’s role is to manage standards for the industry through its work with JICWEBS*, and to provide credibility, comparability and transparency for electronic media. This gives advertisers the opportunity to maximise returns on marketing budgets by using ABC ELECTRONIC certified media and ensures that stakeholders (marketers, investors, media owners, media buyers, advertisers) can invest in electronic media with confidence and trust.

Media contacts:

Linus Gregoriadis, Analyst
(e: t: 0207 681 4051)
Chris Lake, Editor
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ABC Electronic (Eulogy!):
Mark Barber; Richard Lambert; Phil Borge
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Published on: 12:00AM on 4th January 2007