Responsys and Site Intelligence power On-line personalised shopping
~ partnership enables High Street retailers to spot customer shopping habits and respond with individualised promotions ~

Responsys has announced a partnership with Site Intelligence to create an integrated email marketing and behavioural analysis solution. The partnership will enable retail marketers to create highly targeted individualised email campaigns based on consumers’ shopping behaviour.

Today’s highly competitive High Street, whether real or virtual, means that instinct and educated guesswork are no longer a basis for business decision making. The Site Intelligence On-line Business Intelligence software helps to define patterns, reveal opportunities, monitor online marketing campaigns, and segment markets.

Following the deal, marketers using Site Intelligence’s technology to monitor customer marketing programmes can now action this data within Responsys’ Interact Email marketing software. Retailers of all kinds can now launch individualised promotions and deals that are targeted to customers’ actual shopping habits.

By using messages based on activity such as recent browsing habits and shopping behaviours, marketers stand to improve conversion, upsell and cross-sell rates for email campaigns.

“Our own research has proven that 91 per cent of marketing professionals want to improve the success rates of their email campaigns, but many do not realise they already possess the customer information needed to refine their messages,” said Andrew Burford. “Our partnership with Site Intelligence means that marketers can quickly integrate enterprise data and use it to create sophisticated, compelling promotions.”

“The Responsys Interact software enables customers to seamlessly deploy behavioural email programmes directly from their customer data and insight, enabling marketers to send the right offers to customers at the right time in their lifecycle,” said David Pool, commercial director of Site Intelligence. “Conversion and ongoing loyalty is a highly sought after prize in the retail market, and the new solution enables High Street stores to make sure the experience shoppers have on-line is more individual and relevant.”

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About Responsys (

Responsys is a premier provider of on-demand email and lifecycle marketing solutions. The company provides an easy-to-use solution for planning and executing timely and relevant permission-based campaigns delivered at precise moments in the customer’s lifecycle, allowing companies to drive the highest value to their customers and greatest profitability to their organisation.

Responsys is trusted by market category leaders such as: Avery Dennison, Avis Europe, CDW, Continental Airlines, Intrawest Corporation, Lands’ End, Office Depot and PETCO. Responsys, the world’s largest private and profitable email service provider, is based in Redwood City, California, with offices in London, New York, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon.

About Site Intelligence (

Site Intelligence is a market leader in web analytics, providing a range of enterprise level products and services.

The highly adaptable core application, VBIS (Visitor Behaviour Information System) transforms online business data into accurate, adaptable and actionable information - enabling Customers to gain the insights they need quickly and cost-effectively to profitably drive future customer led activity.

Site Intelligence products and services are used across a wide range of market sectors by leading organizations, including Tesco, Argos, Royal Bank of Scotland, SAP, Dyson and Boots.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd February 2006