UTcontextual’s six networks to adhere to the TRUSTe verifiable standards sponsored by Yahoo!, AOL, Computer Associates, CNET Networks and Verizon

Utarget is backing the independent industry standards, monitoring and enforcement program for adware, TRUSTe.

The company confirms that all six contracted networks managed by UTcontextual, will strictly adhere to the TRUSTe download program. The program, set to launch early this year, will create a ‘whitelist’ of downloadable software, more commonly known as adware.

In the UK, UTcontextual the specialist division of Utarget PLC manages campaigns as a reseller for UTzone, Metrics Direct, Best Offers, Exact and Hotbar. The company also manages clients campaigns on Claria and Whenu.

UTcontextual was formed in December 04 further to an acquisition of the business from TBG Ltd, who disposed of the business to focus on their core Media Planning and Buying business.

Phil Cooper, managing director at Utarget PLC, comments: “As the largest reseller of permission based adware in the UK we have always managed our UTcontextual network responsibly. All our products are permission based, with clear uninstall and origin labelling requiring the user to opt-in. Our backing of the TRUSTe program reassures advertisers and separates our legitimate adware network from rogue software and questionable ad networks.

“It makes good business sense for our advertisers to work with networks that respect the user. Aside from the fact that this protects their brand, advertisers get quality leads, better targeting and ultimately more full page ad views when the consumer has consented to use the adware”.

The UK adware market is considered to be worth £10m and estimates based on the US market suggest that the industry will grow faster than search marketing which is reaching saturation. As a consequence, now is a critical time for legitimate adware to differentiate from the dubious practices of spyware.

“UTcontextual has always delivered ethical advertising opportunities, and it is no surprise that they are first in the UK to publicly back the TRUSTe initiative,” says Tony Sullivan of Media Campaign Services.

Tony continues: “Legitimate adware will have a core part to play in the online marketing mix this year. Results speak for themselves and campaigns are incredibly efficient as they deliver advertising in context with the users own search or keywords. If implemented correctly, as with UTcontextual, they are welcomed by the consumer and effective for the advertiser.”

Adware allows consumers to obtain something they want for free in exchange for receiving advertising from adware downloaded to their desktop. The software then scans the users whereabouts on the net, or use of keywords and delivers relevant adverts. UTcontextual networks limits adverts to three different ads per day, which enhances conversion rates further.

The UTcontextual network is currently working with major agencies such as Diffiniti, with campaigns having been implemented across agencies for Dell, Norwich Union, Carphone Warehouse, etc

Editor’s notes

Utarget plc

Utarget plc is the UK’s largest product led new media sales house. The key division, UTarget, utilises in-house and externally managed networks, which deliver full screen web adverts across contextual, subsites and interstitial platforms.

Additionally, the company owns, manages and resells core niche online media within the UTMedia division. These include the community website 50connect.co.uk received by more than 1Million Over 45s,which was recently awarded Esuperbrand status by the Superbrands.org council.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd February 2006