VBIS v4.0 incorporates the latest line of product improvements from Site Intelligence providing a host of new features driven by extensive research amongst existing clients.

The principal benefits of VBIS v4.0 focus on speed of delivery - faster reports, faster workflow and faster report runs. What this means for all business managers is a vast reduction in the time it takes to get the results – both from standard pre-configured reports and tactical campaign-based analysis.

Extensive testing over the past three months has shown increases in speed of over 1500% being achieved for report runs. For high volume websites this level of increase provides real economies in time management, whether this is based on a consistent high weekly demand or coping with seasonal peaks and fluctuations.

Workflow has also been enhanced through the new ‘drag and drop’ features which cut many more complex functions, in some cases, down to one!

Guy Evans, Head of R&D at Site Intelligence, says: “The theme of speed for improvements to VBIS v4.0 has also extended to other areas, for instance with SiteConsole, our executive dashboard product, which is now integrated into SiteReporter and can be accessed via a single click”

Whilst the new enhancements focus on SiteReporter, all VBIS products, including SiteViewer and SiteConsole, benefit from these changes which offer broader value in terms of greater ease of use, scalability and easier site administration to create a ‘best in class’ product package.

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Notes to the Editor:

Site Intelligence is a market leader in web analytics, providing a range of enterprise level products and services that deliver a measurable and quantifiable return on investment for online marketing and e-business initiatives.

The highly adaptable core application, VBIS (Visitor Behaviour Information System) is available with standard tools or can be tailored to fit precisely to customers needs, and transforms online business data into accurate, adaptable and actionable information - enabling customers to gain the insights they need quickly and cost-effectively.

Site Intelligence products and services are used by organisations across a wide range of industry sectors and span all types of website, including transactional e-commerce sites, brand communication channels and portals, online publishing, extranets and intranets. Visit www.site-intelligence.co.uk for more information.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 28th November 2005