Segala presents at the W3C Mobile Web Initiative’s first European event.

The challenges and opportunities facing the Mobile Web were debated during the first European event held by the Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) in London (15th November).

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the MWI sponsors - key players in the mobile production chain, including authoring tool vendors, content providers, adaptation providers, handset manufacturers, browser vendors and mobile operators - organised a morning of presentations related to the vision and ambition for the Mobile Web, the challenges and potential, and the way in which the vision can be put into practice.

One key issue debated was the technological progress that has been made since the early days of WAP 1.0. There is now an impressive installed base of over 1.1 billion web capable handsets in use worldwide – a staggering 63% of total handsets. However, the more disappointing statistic is that 50% of these web capable phones have not actually been set up to use the Web.

One of the event sponsors - and also a member of the steering council - was Segala M Test, the Dublin based certification authority for Web accessibility and mobile content. Segala provides a branded and searchable trustmark that demonstrates compliance with industry standards that enables search engines and browsers to filter content contains this trustmark, helping to make the concept of personalised search a reality.

Speaking at the event, Segala’s CEO Paul Walsh said: “There are now more phones in the UK than there are people. But to encourage greater usage of the Web from these phones and other devices, we need to make mobile web access as easy to use as access from a desktop – this is the driving force of the MWI.”

“Standards are crucial to this, as are the guidelines and best practice. The work of the Web Accessibility Inititiave (WAI) is relevant here because designing a site with its guidelines in mind automatically optimises it for other platforms and devices. This means that it is more likely to work on mobile devices. This really is access to the Web by anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

The event was a positive step forward in raising awareness of the initiative whilst providing those who are going to use such standards with some useful guidance. It also provided an opportunity to share the vision of where the Web on mobile devices is now heading.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 28th November 2005