Online shoppers browse and purchase most during weekday business hours

Online consumers do the majority of their shopping during weekday business hours, according to data from Coremetrics.

Research released today by the leading provider of hosted web analytics and precision marketing solutions, revealed online retail sites receive 42 per cent more activity and 32 per cent more purchasing visits on weekdays than on the weekend.

The study used the LIVEmark Index, which provides critical comparison data for site-wide key performance indicators, across more than 175 leading retail brands.

Carried out during September, it also shows the majority of weekday visits and purchases occur during office hours. 54 per cent occurred during 8:00am and 6:00pm (GMT) while in contrast, only 28 per cent of weekday traffic occurred in the evenings between 6:00pm and midnight (GMT). Research also found site hits and purchasing visits for leading online retailers peak between 1:00pm and 2:00pm (GMT), suggesting lunchtime promotions could make a huge difference to product exposure and sales.

“Most companies realise staff use the internet for personal tasks throughout the day, but as the research shows this is generally during lunchtime,” said Joe Davis, president and CEO of Coremetrics. “Online marketers who don’t pay special attention to the timing of campaigns are missing a trick – particularly in the lead up to Christmas. For example, if a marketing email arrives whilst you’re surfing the net, chances are you will click through as you are in buying mode.”

Coremetrics delivers intuitive visualisation of online behaviour data by the hour, enabling marketers to pinpoint when shoppers are most likely to visit, and convert into buyers.
The LIVEmark Index lets participants gain a clear understanding of business performance, relative to peers and competitors, so they can effectively allocate marketing spend, anticipate industry threats and trends, and make strategic decisions about site, marketing and merchandising efforts. It is the industry’s most comprehensive benchmark for eBusiness performance based on all participating UK customers, including, Figleaves, Northern Tool UK, Net-a-porter and ORvis UK.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th December 2005