TUI Improves Their Look-to-book Ratio with Touch Clarity Targeting

LONDON--(15th December 2005)--Touch Clarity, a leading provider of automated content targeting solutions for large consumer websites, today announced that it was chosen by TUI, the UK’s largest holiday company incorporating the leading brand Thomson Holidays, to improve the efficiency of its onsite marketing and increase website conversion ratios.

TUI UK management knew that visitors came to their website looking for a wide variety of holiday products. Using Touch Clarity to automatically target different offers to each visitor, TUI improved the relevance of the holidays promoted to them. Substantial increases in look-to-book conversion and improved customer experience are expected as a result.

"Increasingly, our customers are becoming more independent in their travel choices," said Nathan Timmins, Online Marketing Manager for TUI UK. "Touch Clarity Targeting will help us to make the most of every customer interaction by improving the relevance of the holiday products we promote. With the use of Touch Clarity we are confident that we can offer more targeted services and products to improve our overall value proposition for TUI UK customers."

"Companies like TUI UK recognize that static online shop fronts no longer bring in the business. The easy to implement, automated learning capabilities of Touch Clarity Targeting make online content and promotions more relevant to visitors and revenue uplift is quickly realized. Because Touch Clarity is a hosted solution TUI UK was pleased to find that their IT department would not be diverted from other important tasks and that the time to implement was fast," said Stephen Upstone, Director of Business Development for Touch Clarity.

Because Touch Clarity is a self-learning system, not only does it provide more accurate targeting and the highest available uplift, it requires minimal support for the customer. Touch Clarity Targeting automatically learns in real-time and visitors are treated as individuals rather than being put into buckets. This means that rifle shot accuracy is achieved, rather than traditional approaches which target broad consumer segments. Together, these advances are a quantum leap forward in performance and usability compared with rules based personalization and targeting software.

About Touch Clarity
Touch Clarity is the leading provider of content targeting software that significantly increases online engagement, sales conversion and customer satisfaction. The software builds profiles of visitors to large consumer websites based on behavior and uses those profiles to target content to them, creating a personalized experience for each visitor to the website. Touch Clarity ( has offices London, UK and Boston, MA.

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About TUI UK
TUI UK is the parent group to Thomson, the UK’s largest holiday company. Thomson sends over 4million holidaymakers abroad every year. The company’s airline, Thomsonfly currently operates both as a holiday and low fares high frequency service, covering 87 destinations worldwide from 26 UK airports.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th December 2005