Regardit to offer e-business intelligence and management information systems for client websites throughout Nordic and Middle Eastern markets

Newbury, Berkshire December 15th 2005 – speed-trap Limited, the e-business intelligence company announced today that it has signed a VAR agreement (Valued Added Agreement) with Regardit Limited, a Stockholm based specialist sales and direct marketing company. This new association will enable the promotion and implementation of speed-trap’s technology throughout the Scandinavian and Middle Eastern regions, territories in which Regardit specialises.

With the ever-growing importance of e-business to organisations’ current and continuing success, companies increasingly need sophisticated leading-edge web intelligence tools as an inherent part of their solutions and services. The search for powerful in-depth information including data concerning the real-time behaviour of website visitors can now be realised through speed-trap’s e-business intelligence suite ‘Prophet’. Prophet will therefore now enable Regardit to include consumer behaviour intelligence and real-time management information in customer’s website intelligence data, thus enabling them to improve website performance and effectiveness, whilst also improving the website visitor experience and thereby positively affecting overall website profitability.

Commenting upon the agreement with speed-trap, Per Augustinson, Regardit’s CEO said; "speed-trap not only provides real and accurate user statistics and state-of-the-art usability metrics, but also the knowledge that direct marketers have been searching for when it comes to understanding consumer behavior, including for example, which creative works best, and how individualised communication can be better used within the Internet channel. Using speed-trap’s Prophet, we can derive increased effectiveness and profitability for our clients’ websites through a process of continuous measurement, analysis of consumer behavior and instigate immediate website improvements."

Malcolm Duckett, VP of Marketing and Operations at speed-trap says: “It is increasingly important for organisations wishing to enhance their internet operation, to continually seek more accurate and meaningful data about their existing and potential on-line customers. Incorporating speed-trap’s Prophet into its solutions, Regardit can provide its customers with a solution that means that they will be able to see, and thus better understand their users’ online behaviour and as a result, improve the visitors’ on-line experience and increase on-line sales”.

About speed-trap
speed-trap is the e-business intelligence company. The company provides technology and solutions that provide accurate, real-time and complete data on the interactions between customers and web sites. Moving beyond traditional Web Analytics speed-trap not only provides statistical and business information on activity in the site, but uses the in-depth data provided by its Dynamic Collection™ Technology to give a unique view of visitor experience and customer journeys providing valuable insights into how well on-line assets are meeting objectives.

speed-trap’s solutions are being used by businesses to drive and monitor their on-line marketing activity including the monitoring, measurement and management of their on-line business. This includes applications such as campaign management, customer segmentation, customer experience monitoring and performance measurement. Other customers are using the technology to monitor key business metrics and drive real-time content management systems.

speed-trap was founded in January 2000 and is based in the UK with headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire. See for further information

About Regardit

Regardit is a DM/RM, Customer Program Specialist Company that enables its clients to embrace the web layer and delivers creative, innovative and usable web solutions that meet their business needs. Regardit’s key areas are within Direct Marketing (both traditional and digital)/Relationship Marketing, Customer Program and Consumer Behavior.

Although Regardit is a relatively new company in the Nordic & Middle East Markets, it has in excess of 18 years of specialist experience within Direct Marketing/Customer Programs, as well as having earned a high reputation in the market as a member of the sectors leading echelon of Direct Marketers and DM Agencies.

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Media Contacts
For speed-trap:
Jim Crowther
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For Regardit:
Robert Lilja, Per Augustinson, Olle Edsmar
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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th December 2005