UTcontextual’s six networks to springboard into Europe with new German division
Partnership with Finalyse will see contextual advertising and subsites launch in Australia

Utarget PLC is to expand its contextual advertising operation, UTcontextual, and its subsites network, UTsubs, into Germany and Australia.

In its first phase, the launch into Germany will be UK based. A German speaking division will manage UTcontextual’s portfolio of adware networks. Once established, the operation will move to Germany in order to springboard into mainland Europe.

Phil Cooper, managing director at Utarget PLC, comments: “Already we are the largest reseller of permission based adware in the UK. The obvious next step is Europe, and Germany is a great entry point. The market is not yet saturated, contextual advertising is just evolving and the service will enable advertisers to target the local German markets with proven behavioural targeting products”.

In a 50:50 venture with specialist internet company, Finalyse Marketing Services Ltd, Utarget PLC will also launch its product led media sales network to Australia. The enterprise launches with the Utarget portfolio that includes the UTcontextual network and the company’s specialist subsites ad network of over 500 leading websites, UTsubs.

According to Bruce Cattell, managing director at Finalyse, “The Australian online advertising market is still in its infancy and the opportunity for growth is enormous. Our partnership with Utarget PLC will allow us to bring sophisticated and proven targeted advertising opportunities to the Australian advertiser: maximising their online activities and bringing the market in line with the UK”.

UTcontextual and UTsubs are specialist divisions of Utarget networks. UTcontextual manages campaigns as a reseller for UTzone, Metrics Direct, Best Offers, Exact and Hotbar. The company also manages client’s campaigns on Claria and Whenu. UTsubs delivers subsite advertising on a network of over 500 leading host websites.

Utarget is currently working with major agencies such as Diffiniti, Carat and MPG implementing campaigns for Dell, Norwich Union, and Carphone Warehouse.


Editor’s notes

About Utarget plc
Trading for five years, with an annual turnover of £2.5m, Utarget plc is one of the UK’s largest product-led, new media sales houses.

The company provides advertisers, and their agencies, with distinctive and unique methods of advertising online. Utarget plc utilises owned and externally managed networks, ad technology and media to deliver web advertising opportunities. The premise behind its range of activities is to offer brands, media and advertising that are targeted, effective and proven to work.

The Utarget Networks division represents the company’s network of advertising products from subsites to contextual and interstitial advertising. Products are primarily based on full screen web advertising using a variety of owned, managed and proprietary networks. The combined networks are managed across 500 of the UK’s top websites, reaching more than 15million users a month (57% of the internet population).

The Utarget Media division houses online consumer-centric media owned by the company (such as Travelconnect), alongside niche media that is managed by the company (50Connect). Utarget Media also sells advertising inventory for a catalogue of carefully selected websites.

The company manages campaigns for FT.com, Dell, Dixons, BUPA, Carphone Warehouse, Norwich Union, AOL and Royal Mail through well-known agencies including Diffiniti, Initiative, Harvest, Mediavest, Quantum, MGOMD, Carat, Zed and Agency.com. Advertisers, such as Partypoker, Betfair, Mercury direct and Alertacall, are managed direct through Utarget.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 6th March 2006