London based creative agency Fhlame teams up with Oban Multilingual to offer tailored online advertising campaigns in all major languages and on the ground in 23 countries

London, 6 March 2006: Fhlame, a London based online advertising and marketing agency, and Oban, a multilingual online strategy firm, announced a joint partnership to offer multilingual online advertising and creative execution for a range of international clientele.

“The need to deliver relevant communication to a localized audience is now more important than ever. We identified this need in the global market and partnered with Oban to offer multilingual creative work managed from a central point”, says Chris Autry, managing partner at Fhlame. The partnership will service clients’ need to launch campaigns into the global market in a flexible, simple and focussed manner.

“Oban’s core competency is creating online campaigns from a local and international perspective. We never just translate our client’s campaigns, rather our offices in each country tailor each campaign to meet local needs and sensibilities. In the industry, this is known as transcreation,” says Greig Holbrook of Oban.

“To date we have been primarily focussed on multilingual SEO, Pay Per Click, online research, localisation and usability. However, by combining our multilingual marketing capabilities with Fhlame’s international outlook of creative execution, the offer is really designed to usher in a new era of international online advertising.”

Fhlame is based in London’s digital epicentre, Clerkenwell, and Oban is located in Brighton, the new media capital of the south east, with offices in 23 countries.

Media contact:

Christopher Autry, Partner, Fhlame
(e: t: 0207 681 4075)

Greig Holbrook, Director, Oban Multilingual Strategy
(e: t: 01273-704434)

About Fhlame

Fhlame is a creative boutique that specialises in online advertising and marketing. We convert browsers to buyers through designed user experiences and make the web a better place to be. We are all about relevancy, functionality and excellence. And, most importantly, we believe in having fun along the way.

About Oban

Oban Multilingual are considered a world leader in multilingual search and online marketing. As the name suggests, Oban work entirely in providing online solutions for markets where English is not a first language. Our campaigns are distinct for each market and our local knowledge of what works is unparalleled. Our Head Office In Brighton UK, manages our local offices across the globe.

Published on: 12:00AM on 6th March 2006