We’d like to swap an iPod for one of your good ideas.

We at SiteMorse are keen to improve our services. We would really appreciate hearing your suggestions. If you have an idea for improving SiteMorse in any way please email it to idea.ipod@SiteMorse.com. (if you are new to SiteMorse please visit www.sitemorse.com and try the service, receive a free report on your site in just a couple of minutes)

Could you also tell us what makes SiteMorse useful to your organisation? That would help us too.

The three senders of the best ideas along with 20 words or less on what makes SiteMorse useful to their organisation, emailed to idea.ipod@SiteMorse.com before the end of March, will each receive an iPod Nano as a ‘thank you’ from SiteMorse.

Predict the Top 10 Websites and Win an iPod Nano.

If you think you can correctly predict the Top Ten FTSE 100 companies' websites in the SiteMorse league table for April 2006 email your prediction to us at FTSE.ipod@SiteMorse.com before the end of March 2006. An iPod Nano is up for grabs for the first correct answer pulled from the hat.

...And the same for the Top Ten Local Government websites - email your prediction of the Top Ten ranked sites in SiteMorse's April league table to us at LG.ipod@SiteMorse.com before the end of March 2006. An iPod Nano is up for grabs for the first correct answer pulled from the hat.

all iPod Nano's from SiteMorse - no correspondence will be entered into. SiteMorse’s decision is final. Names of winners will be announced next month.

Editor’s Note
For more information contact Wendy Trollope at The PR Co. at wendy.pr@sitemorse.com on 01273 737396. For copies of the Local Government and FTSE 100 February league tables please email LG0206@sitemorse.com???? and FTSE0206@sitemorse.com.

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About SiteMorse
SiteMorse offers a range of website testing services that require no setup, downloads or technical support to operate. SiteMorse measures performance, tests functions and checks compliance (HTML/eGMS/Accessibility/Metadata).
• Website monitoring - individual pages every few minutes, includes R25 reporting
• Thorough website checking - testing from a few pages to a complete site
• Website user experience - load and stress and user journey testing
We provide an Executive Summary and a detailed Technical Report identifying problems by exact type, page, line, etc to facilitate immediate cost effective corrective action.

Over 340 local and central government entities, numerous FTSE and Bank clients use SiteMorse to help them maintain error-free, fully functioning and compliant (HTML/eGMS/Accessibility/brand) websites. We are in our 4th year working with SOCITM. SiteMorse is also used by Gov. Sector Publishing, Blays Netratings and ISPA for website rankings and awards services.

Published on: 12:00AM on 14th March 2006