European search engine measures activity on news sites and blogs and highlights the current hot topics

London, 20th March 2006 – European search engine Seekport ( has launched TrendSeek, its blog and news tracker, which shows the current hot topics in news stories and blog postings. With this new feature, Seekport has its finger on the pulse of the internet.

Seekport tracks down the most topical issues of the day, and lists the most frequently used words in blogs and news items. By clicking on one of these key words, the user can trigger a search in Seekport’s dedicated blog and news indexes. This morning’s top UK news items, for example, are: drug trial, Jericho jail, Ian Blair, Milosevic burial, bird flu and peerage fury. The main issues for bloggers are: Ian Blair, Pete Doherty, hosepipe ban, Victoria Beckham, Commonwealth games and England rugby.

This means that TrendSeek offers at-a-glance insight into media and blogging trends. A graph shows the number of news stories being published on a particular topic throughout the day. The number of postings on the day’s hot topics in the "blogosphere" are shown by a "tag cloud", displaying the most popular buzzwords in the largest typography.

Webmasters can incorporate TrendSeek in their own websites easily and free of charge. The user just needs to cut and paste a short code snippet. Webmasters can choose from four versions of TrendSeek: one with the six most frequently used news words, and the associated graphic display; another showing news and blogs next to one another without graphic elements; another with the top terms from the "blogosphere" as a list; and another with top terms as a "tag cloud".

Joachim Kreibich, Managing Director of Seekport Internet Technologies said, “With this new blog- and news tracker, the user can see current affairs and reactions to them from two angles at the same time: from the perspective of the major news sites and from the more personal views of the bloggers."

He added, “The blog- and news tracker provides an at-a-glance consensus on what matters, with an easy way to follow up on it. Users have easy access to relevant websites via Seekport's blog and news searches, where they can learn more about all sides of the debate and, often, contribute their own views."

Seekport’s Blog Search, part of the Seekport search engine, introduced the first dedicated UK blog search. Blog search results are indicated with an icon in the Seekport search results. Users can narrow their search to one of 11 categories, including computing; cars and motoring; travel and holidays; government and politics; and business and finance. Estimates suggest that the number of blogs in the UK could be as many as 900,000 with one in every 200 visits to a UK website a visit to a blog (source: Hitwise, August 2005).

The Seekport News Search feature allows users to search for results in current stories almost immediately after they are posted online by news sources.

About Seekport
Seekport Internet Technologies is an innovative European internet search engine provider. The Munich based company was launched in December 2003, and is now active in Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain. Seekport offers its clients rapid and reliable search portal solutions, giving them not only powerful internet search capabilities, together with portal and corporate contents, but also a marketing package appropriate to their target group. Seekport search portal solutions are characterised by a high degree of customisation capability, and deliberately incorporate country-specific elements into the presentation of search results. Local Seekport index teams for each country ensure the high quality and relevance of search results. That benefits both the Seekport corporate clients and the users in the framework of their internet search.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th March 2006