AdManager’s sophisticated GeoTargeting and User Registration modules are main factors in decision to migrate from outdated in-house solution

RALEIGH, NC and LONDON, UK – March 15, 2006 – Accipiter Solutions, Inc., an online advertising technology innovator since 1996, today announced the addition of to the growing list of its AdManager customers., based in the Boston, MA area, provides statistical compensation data and trends for an audience of human resource professionals, business managers, and individual employees. Migrating from an existing in-house ad management solution, competitive pricing and the need for more sophisticated targeting capabilities initially attracted to AdManager.

“Our ad server was outdated and we needed to get up to speed with an increasingly demanding market,” said Kevin Plunkett, vice president of media sales for “We feel that Accipiter’s AdManager will allow us to win more ad dollars in a highly competitive advertising sales marketplace.” plans to leverage AdManager’s GeoTargeting and User Registration modules to deliver personally relevant ads to its users. GeoTargeting allows AdManager customers to serve ads based on the geographic location of users as well as other targeting parameters, including: area/metro code, time zone, latitude/longitude, bandwidth, city/region/country confidence code, SIC code, and connection speed. The geo-database covers the entire IP universe (4.2 billion addresses) with accurate intelligence throughout the entire routable space (1.4 billion addresses).

In addition, will take advantage of AdManager’s User Registration module to create compound, customer demographic targets based on collected registration data. As a result, each subscriber receives personally relevant ads based on their criteria, maximizing the most value from the available inventory.

“AdManager provides customers with an economical design that meets their current needs and offers them the potential to grow advertising revenue in new directions,” said Jeff Wood, vice president of sales, Accipiter. “By combining the ability to quickly and easily identify the specific geographic locations of site visitors with the most reliable online ad management technology, our customers can offer advertisers higher value for their geo-targeted campaigns.”

Accipiter's AdManager is available as a site-side licensed ad management solution (AdManager Licensed) or as an outsourced ad management solution (AdManager Hosted). AdManager allows publishers to manage revenue by packaging their inventory for maximum value through accurate inventory projections followed by real-time, revenue-based delivery optimization of campaigns and creatives. AdManager delivers campaigns where they perform better, thus optimizing the value of each impression. AdManager also offers comprehensive targeting capabilities, fast ad delivery, real-time reporting and open API’s for easy integration with a publishers other business systems. For more product information, please visit

About is the technology leader in providing employee compensation data, software, and services to enterprises, small businesses, and individuals. Helping companies manage their compensation expenditures with real-time, decision-ready data and analytical tools, the website is one of the most widely recognized destinations for those seeking reliable information about employee pay levels and compensation-related best practices, trends, and policies. helps businesses as well as individuals plan all aspects of the world of work, pay for performance, incentives, and benefits. has three major profit centers: enterprise software, salary data publishing (ecommerce), and media services.'s enterprise software and salary data publishing services both offer access to market prices for more than 2,100 job descriptions and more than 4,400 job titles based on multiple salary surveys, and offers premium answers for 1,800 jobs in nearly 200 geographic regions and 20 distinct industries.'s media services include the free Salary Wizard and the Salary Wizard HR Edition, the internet's most popular salary comparison tools, and the millions of unique visitors they generate each month for both the website and syndication partners. For more information, please visit

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Accipiter has been serving and enriching the online advertising industry since 1996. Web publishers, media networks, and eTailers take advantage of Accipiter’s innovative ad management and behavioral targeting solutions to effectively manage their online advertising revenue. Accipiter’s established industry experience and substantial investment in technology provides their customers with the very latest in advanced online advertising solutions. Accipiter’s technology supports and delivers ads in any emerging rich media format, including RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, photocasts, and streaming audio and video. With more than 350 customers worldwide, over 50 billion online ads are served each month using Accipiter’s technology. For more information, please visit


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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th March 2006