An update to the website which monitors the qualification levels of Pay Per Click professionals around the globe has found that companies have higher qualification levels in UK than USA, even though there are more professionals overall in the USA.

WhoisaGAP helps people find out who is a qualified Google Adwords Professional (GAP) an important factor in supplier selection. Businesses use the website to locate potential search engine marketing suppliers and validate the authenticity of their qualifications by clicking through to the professionals status page on the Google website.

Edward Cowell CTO of the UK search marketing agency Neutralize (*\*) which researched the list said “we hope that the WhoisaGAP site will be useful in helping businesses find out who the real pros in the industry really are, by being able to locate suppliers based on actual qualifications by Google. The Public Sector seem really interested by it which I hadn’t expected.”

At the time of publishing WhoisaGAP listed 280 Google Adwords Professionals which can be filtered by company or individual status, name or country.

To qualify for company status a business must employ a certain number of professionals who have passed the exam and maintain a certain level of expenditure. WhoisaGAP found that the UK is leading the way in terms of qualified companies with 23 vs 13 in the USA. However overall there are more professionals in the USA than the UK 103 vs 54, suggesting the average size and investment of the UK search marketing businesses is much larger.

Globally the individual to company split WhoisaGAP found looks like:

Google Qualified Companies 51
Google Qualified Individuals 229

Top performing countries by company:

United Kingdom 23
United States 13
Germany 5
Netherlands 3

Top performing countries by all professional status levels:

United States 103
United Kingdom 54
Netherlands 20
Germany 14
Canada 9
China 9
France 8
Italy 8


*Where a company or individual trades in multiple countries, WhoisaGAP picked their main point of presence. WhoisaGAP only includes professionals when their status can be officially verified and not businesses that simply display the logo.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th March 2006