Logan Tod partners with Celebros to pilot intelligent search project on I Want One of Those and records significant short term results

Increase in site efficiency results in ‘I Want One of Those’ awarding Logan Tod contract to April 2007

Logan Tod has been working with internal search partner Celebros and the company’s own team to review and refine the internal search option on I Want One of Those.com. An initial three month, live-pilot test of the system shows that the sales conversion has already increased significantly, even discounting normal seasonal trends.

Richard Wainright-Lee, Managing Director, I Want One of Those, comments, “We launched a new site in mid 2005 and wanted to bring it to the same conversion efficiency as the previous site in record time. We invited Logan Tod to review the I Want One of Those e-commerce service and we then agreed to trial and implement a pilot scheme to improve our search function.

“We are very pleased with the results. Ramp up in conversion has been fast and significant. Our new search facility has delivered double the amount of user search terms that generate high quality results, which has led to three times better conversion than the average for the site. To recognise this successful start and that there are further improvements and refinements to be made, we’ve just signed a contract with Logan Tod to continue with the project until April 2007.”

Matthew Tod, CEO of Logan Tod, comments, “By tracking conversion rates and analysing search behaviour, we were able to identify where there was scope to further increase sales on I Want One of Those through the search function. We then partnered with search technology experts, Celebros, and together we have been able to eradicate problematic search terms, increase relevance and improve the consumer sales experience.

“We are delighted to be awarded the ongoing contract and will continue to work with the team at I Want One of Those to analyse and optimise other areas of the site, such as navigation, page layout and calls to action.”

Logan Tod announced the win of the UK’s leading multi-channel retailer website in May 2005 with an objective to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the retailer. Between May and October, Logan Tod spent time analysing the I Want One of Those site for strengths and weaknesses. It found that I Want One of Those was losing customers during the search process due to sub-optimal search capabilities.

This problem was then addressed by Logan Tod bringing on board Celebros search and navigation technology, to help improve the conversion rate of product searches by returning accurate, relevant results thus drastically reducing the number of failed searches. Following a tracking and optimisation process, the partnership was able to develop a far superior search.

The service is based on the premise that online search must understand the true meaning of shoppers’ requests. For instance, if you ask a shop assistant for a laptop, you’d expect them to show you their range of brands that call themselves notebooks too. The smarter search service at I Want One of Those takes this into account, as well as spelling mistakes and product alternatives.

Logan Tod estimates that 75 per cent of online stores do not have this intelligent search capability, resulting in much lower conversion rates than could be achieved.

Tal Rubenczyk, VP of marketing for Celebros, comments, “Celebros’ Qwiser™ Salesperson proves the point that a search box should fulfil the function of a sales assistant, not a search engine. It must match an understanding of the shopper’s query with an understanding of the client catalogue. This matching process is what has made such a difference to the company’s conversion rates”.

Matthew Tod adds: “E-retailers are spending more and more money on keyword advertising, direct marketing, and e-mail campaigns to generate greater interest in their sites. What they are losing sight of is how to convert that interest into revenue. We at Logan Tod help site owners convert the visits, generated by these big marketing tactics, into orders.”

I Want One of Those is one of the UK’s leading multi-channel retailers selling ‘Stuff you don’t need… but you really, really want’. They sell products such as: gadgets, electronics, toys and gifts and has grown quickly, with a turnover last year of over £7million.

Editor’s notes

About Logan Tod & Co
Logan Tod & Co is an independent web agency, focused on helping companies achieve better results from e-business. The company ensures online activity creates more sales leads, sells more, saves money and improves ROI. The Logan Tod team does this by analysing data, managing the conversion process and developing techniques to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of a website.

Logan Tod works closely with its clients, ensuring their site development is more business results driven and customer centric. Clients include Renault, Mothercare, Sharpes Bedrooms, Littlewoods, Adept Scientific, I Want One of Those and Yes Car.


About Celebros Ltd.
Celebros Ltd. (www.celebros.com), founded in 2000, is a leading provider of search and navigation solutions for online retailers that significantly raise conversion rates and revenues. Celebros’ family of Qwiser™ solutions brings precision to the heart of online shopping and through an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience, sets the stage for purchasing. Celebros has offices in the UK, France, Germany, US, and Israel.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd March 2006