Britain’s dedicated search engine can now reveal, following a survey of UK internet users, what it means to be British.

The Beatles were named by 33% of those surveyed as the best of British, far ahead of such British icons as The Queen(18%), Harry Potter (14%) and the BBC (14%). In second place came the local pub (33%), followed by the British countryside (27%). Shakespeare was named as the best of British by only 13%. Results add up to more than 100 because respondents were asked to vote on more than one British icon.

The worst of British, with 35% of the vote, was occasional footballer/full time ad space for hire David Beckham and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (‘Posh and Becks’). They’re less popular than a rainy day it seems, with 30% naming the weather as the worst of British, putting it in second place.

While the continent might scoff at our cuisine, it seems the Brits will be happiest scoffing a full English breakfast, cited by 33% of those surveyed as their favourite British dish. Bangers and mash came a close second on the menu with 30% of the vote, with a gravytastic Sunday roast coming in a surprising third place with 23% of the vote. Seaside classic fish and chips was chosen by 15%.

Brits are proud of their sport, with more than half (57%) saying that football best represents the country. Even after last year’s Ashes victory, it left cricket far behind in second place with 20% of the votes. Rugby and tennis could only muster 14% and 11% of the votes respectively.

Top of the hall of national shame was glamour model Jordan, real name Katie Price, who is best known for her modelling, cosmetic surgery and wild exploits in the tabloids. Despite having written a best-selling biography, 23% of those surveyed considered her the most embarrassing British celebrity. Joint second place (with 11% of the vote each) goes to Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prince Phillip and the Posh and Becks double act. They all left Elton John and reality TV stars far behind in joint third place with 6% of the vote each.

“With this survey we’ve taken a snapshot of what it means to be British today,” says Nick Morley, UK head of sales for Seekport. “Through the internet, films and TV, people all over the world are exposed to the same cultural influences but deep down, there are still big national differences. That’s why we’ve launched a dedicated search engine for the UK – we might share a common language with the US, but that doesn’t mean we’re the same.”

Seekport's index team plans to use the survey data to help it manage the quality of Seekport's dedicated UK index.

Seekport relaunched its European search engine in October simultaneously in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The search engine includes a web search, blog search, reference source search, image search and product search. The Seekport UK index is managed by a quality assurance team based in the UK.

About the survey
The survey was conducted in central London on working days in November – December 2005. Survey respondents were stopped and asked clarifying questions to ensure that they were computer users and had an internet connection. A full copy of the survey results is available by emailing

About Seekport
Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH, Munich, was created in December 2003 with the goal of providing individualised search services for companies at the highest technical level, and to establish one of Europe's leading search engines for the Internet. Seekport search technology is characterised by high accuracy of hits, ensured by innovative technologies and by local indexing teams. This high quality benefits both the business partners of the company and users in their internet searches. Seekport operates search engines in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy. Seekport has the backing of strong shareholders, giving an optimal combination of commercial and technological resources.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 7th February 2006