Guards against misselling and enables consistent customer response

Transversal ( has launched a new compliance module as part of its Metafaq eService solution. This incorporates best-of-breed content audit trail, email quarantine and approval features, all of which are crucial for companies concerned with regulatory compliance such as those in financial services and utilities.

Metafaq allows customers to ask questions in their own words, directly from a company website. Uniquely, Metafaq identifies the most appropriate answer from the many different ways customers ask the same question, thereby increasing its effectiveness as a customer service option. Customers can then make informed choices and complete transactions online. Those that want to escalate through to a customer service centre can be given the option of doing so via alternative contact methods such as email, phone or chat.

The new compliance module will enable regulated organisations to improve the consistency, accuracy and quality of customer service information provided online and quarantine unsuitable outbound email, thereby reducing customer complaints and avoiding potential misselling. As well as providing full content audit trail, showing the history of changes made to a specific item of information, edits can be quickly and easily added to related content thus ensuring consistency across different content groups within a centralised knowledgebase.

Organisations’ email systems are increasingly coming under the scrutiny of regulators and lawyers if staff send out unsuitable messages. Using Transversal’s automated quarantine and approval workflow, organisations can now control the content of outbound email. Messages sent via Metafaq containing content from a set of banned words or phrases, such as, “we advise”, “we recommend”, and those containing unsuitable language, or reference to competitors, can be held back for approval before being sent.

“The growth of regulatory compliance means that providing consistent, accurate and controlled messages to customers is now vital across many industries,” commented Davin Yap, CEO, Transversal. “Our new compliance and content management module makes it easier to guard against misselling or legal action while still ensuring fast, consistent responses to customer queries.”

Transversal’s Metafaq eService uses a dynamic knowledge base for managing product, corporate and customer service information which can be shared for web self-service, contact centre, sales channel and internal use. New information, relating to products or issues such as pensions simplification, can be announced across all channels at the same time, significantly improving communication.

The solution starts with an initial set of question and answer pairs and then builds new questions asked by customers or staff into a centralised, dynamic source of customer service information. Updating content is quick and easy for internal staff and doesn’t require web editing skills.

It is also a powerful mechanism by which customers can qualify themselves as interested in a particular product or service. It can be used to navigate customers straight to the product of interest; push relevant product offers; provide calls to action to buy, all with the aim of capturing interest and increasing chances of conversion.

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About Transversal
Transversal, founded in 1998 by top researchers from Caltech and Cambridge universities, is a Cambridge-based developer of intelligent eCustomer service software that enables organisations to achieve key sales, customer service and efficiency goals. Transversal's flagship service, Metafaq, enables organisations to increase online sales and reduce the volume of call and email queries to contact centres by automatically answering customers' questions online. Transversal customers will typically see immediate and dramatic email reductions, by around 60%, and improvements in email response times, from days to minutes. Intrafaq, Transversal's knowledge management solution for contact centres, delivers information to agents in a unique way from a dynamic natural language knowledgebase. Simply by typing a question, in their own words, agents can access answers to customer questions; providing fast, accurate and consistent responses. Organisations benefit from increased first call resolution and efficiency by improving the knowledge and quality of service provided by customer service and help-desk agents. Transversal's Memory Engine™ is the result of research and development by top researchers in Information Theory and Machine Learning from Caltech and Cambridge universities. Transversal co-founder, Prof. David MacKay, is a world renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence. He pioneered Bayesian Neural Networks in the late 1980s and remains at the forefront of the field. Current customers include Sony, Direct Line, Thomsons, MFI, Barclays, Nissan, Fujifilm, Standard Life, Freemans, Grattans, Look Again, Kaleidoscope, Metropolitan Police and Proctor & Gamble.

Published on: 12:00AM on 9th February 2006