First Performance Management Solution to Streamline Metrics Collection and Approval Process, and to Focus on End-User Adoption

Pilot® Software Inc., the original provider of operational performance management solutions, today announced availability of PilotWorks 2006, the first ever performance management solution that streamlines the process of collecting, approving, and publishing metrics, thereby addressing the primary reason that most performance management deployments fail to meet their original expectations. Coupled with dozens of other new features designed to accelerate adoption, PilotWorks provides organisations with the only performance management solution to provide a truly personalised experience.

“Knowing that adoption is key to sustaining performance management success, many of the features in PilotWorks 2006 are geared towards enhancing the end-user experience,” said Jonathan D. Becher, CEO and president of Pilot Software. “PilotWorks allows for personalisation at three different levels: by deployment, context, and all the way down to the individual.”

Pilot has a large international customer base of more than 300 organisations, including Cheapflights, de Bijenkorf and DaimlerChrysler. Initial customers migrating to the solution include General Services Administration (GSA) and Sarasota County Government.

Focusing on providing users personalisation and autonomy, while ensuring organisational alignment, new features include the entry and approval component of PilotWorks that streamlines the process of collecting metrics for a performance management system.

Analogous to what content management solutions did for Web site management, Pilot’s distributed and delegated entry, approval and publishing component uses an easy-to-follow workflow system to help jumpstart performance management programmes, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on metrics collection and approval. This approach allows organisations to quickly collect quantitative metrics without having to spend time integrating transactional systems or establishing a data warehouse just for one or two metrics. Also Qualitative metrics created for the purpose of monitoring performance can now be collected without having to establish a new system. Key features include:

• Enter data using easy-to-use Web forms or Excel templates that display only data relevant to the metrics owner, ensuring focus on the task at hand.
• Full audit trail captures detailed user interactions, including time stamps for approval, rejection and submission of metrics.
• Notes typically communicated via email or telephone can be tied to any specific step within the process, creating a complete snapshot of workflow best practices for future use.
• Ability to create templates and assign metrics to various users allows a streamlined approach to metrics data entry workflow.
• A single interface manages collection, entry, approval and publishing of metrics across multiple users and data models.
• Email notification highlights next steps, keeping the metrics process moving forward.

In addition to the entry and approval component of PilotWorks, a new Home Tab provides each user with their own personalised experience of performance management, increasing the adoption and acceptability of a solution. Features include:

• State-specific bookmarks enable each user to capture and share a “moment in time” critical to addressing performance issues in dynamic, fast-paced organisations.
• Personalised performance summaries allow users to track key indicators, objectives and initiatives important to them.
• Wireless-enabled alerts allow managers — anywhere in the world — to take immediate corrective action on areas of concern, heading off future performance issues.
• Archived alerts go beyond simple email notification to eliminate concerns over lost or misfiled emails and ensure a comprehensive repository of performance management insight.

Pricing and Availability
PilotWorks 2006 is available now. Pricing starts at around £15k. Pilot is distributed in the UK by ISSEL ( and by local partners in other European countries. For more information about PilotWorks, email us at

About PilotWorks
With the ability to manage goals, initiatives and metrics in one comprehensive yet modular offering, PilotWorks helps dramatically improve performance. Providing users the utmost personalisation and autonomy, while ensuring organisational alignment with the ability to grow cohesively, PilotWorks is the operational performance management solution that addresses both the needs of the organisation and the individual user.

About Pilot Software
Validated by more than 300 worldwide customers, Pilot provides operational performance management solutions for progressive commercial and public sector organisations that dramatically increase performance. Pilot’s unique middle-out, incremental approach combined with its patent-pending software, integrates all three of the performance management cornerstones — goals, initiatives and metrics. With both the first-ever performance management solution deployed and the largest-known operational performance management deployment within the U.S. federal government — Pilot’s solutions are used by leading customers worldwide such as Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation, American Heart Association, The Boeing Company, Cheapflights, Coors Brewing Company, de Bijenkorf, General Services Administration, Health Net, Ingersoll-Rand, JetBlue, Pacific Life Insurance, Phillips Medical, Sarasota County Government of Florida,®.

Pilot Software is privately held with funding from like-minded investors such as Excelsior Venture Partners III, LLC, a private equity fund managed by U.S. Trust; G-51 Capital, a Texas-based venture capital firm; and individual investors, including management team members. More information is available at


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Published on: 12:00AM on 14th February 2006