World’s Largest Home Shopping Business Adds Dynamic Image Zoom & Sizing On 25,000+ Items in Less than One Month

NOVATO, CA - February 15, 2006 - Scene7®, provider of the leading on-demand rich media platform, today announced that OTTO UK, a division of the world’s largest home shopping company, Otto Group, is using Scene7’s on-demand rich media platform to dynamically zoom and size imagery across thousands of its products on four different brand sites. OTTO UK’s online business grew over 50% over the prior year and its overall customer satisfaction grew 10% since adding Scene7 to its websites.

Based on direct customer feedback, OTTO UK wanted to improve the visual product merchandising on its retailing sites to match the image quality of its traditional print catalogues. “Before adding Scene7, our number one online request from our customers was for better product imagery. We are proud of the products we sell and showcasing them more effectively online is really important to us and our customers. ," said John Veichmanis, Head of e-Commerce OTTO UK. “We reviewed several vendors but selected Scene7 for its more efficient approach to adding large volumes of high resolution imagery shared across multiple sites. Scene7 not only delivers a better customer experience, but also allows us to deploy thousands of images in the most cost-effective way with its automated back-office system for publishing rich imagery - our initial implementation on all four sites took less than one month. Today, we can take our catalogue high-resolution imagery and dynamically re-size them across all four sites based on each site’s unique brand image specifications. My e-commerce team has reduced time and labour costs by 50% as a result of Scene7’s ability to perform dynamic re-sizing.”

As part of the world’s largest home shopping company, Otto Group, OTTO UK is one of the largest UK home shopping organisations with leading brands Freemans, Grattan, Kaleidoscope, and Lookagain. All four brands specialise in selling fashion, home, electronics and sporting goods.. These brands sell a wide range of high-quality products that require attractive merchandising as well as detailed product specifications. OTTO customers can click on any product to view alternative images combined with free-form zoom and pan for close examination of product design details, on over 25,000 items. Online products are updated on a daily basis, thus, Scene7’s automated approach provides the most efficient method for adding product imagery and related rich media to its sites. All imagery is generated and served from single-master images - greatly reducing the time and costs for image production and delivery.

Scene7 On-demand is the first “back-office” system for publishing rich media to websites and other media. In contrast to outsourced solutions, this self-service platform empowers Scene7’s clients to control the management and publishing of their own content eliminating third-party service fees while maintaining high brand standards. In addition, all rich media is dynamically served via proprietary image server technology, allowing for high performance and complete scalability across any volume of content or size of company. For example, dynamic zoom can be added to all products on a website by simply adding a URL command into the product page template - eliminating the usual manual, expensive rework to keep up with product launches. Scene7 is also unique in offering a broad range of deployment options from 100% full services, to self-service ASP to license for in-house use.

OTTO UK will expand its use of Scene7’s platform by adding more dynamic image sizes, color options and alternative views in addition, to testing personalized emails campaigns.

“OTTO UK is a premier on-demand Scene7 customer,” said Doug Mack, CEO of Scene7. “We’re impressed with its rapid adoption of Scene7’s technology and look forward to further expanding its use to help drive conversions, sales and its bottom line.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th February 2006