Growing number of online publishers, media networks, and eTailers replacing competitive solutions with Accipiter’s ad management technology, driving up revenue base 37% in 2005

RALEIGH, NC and LONDON, UK – February 15, 2006 – Accipiter Solutions, Inc., an online advertising technology innovator since 1996, today announced it has increased its revenue base 37% over the last year, thanks in part to new customer wins and significant volume growth on the ASP side of the business. Most importantly, a large percentage of Accipiter’s new customer base is made up of publishers, networks, and eTailers who have migrated to its suite of innovative ad management solutions from a competitive solution.

As the company prepares to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, corporate momentum is at an all-time high. Accipiter has become a powerhouse player in the ad serving industry, carving out a solid presence in the competitive marketplace by acquiring many customers dissatisfied with other providers. Throughout the course of 2005, over 30% of new customers migrated from a competitive solution to AdManager, accounting for an impressive 3.75 billion ads served each month.

Customers migrate to AdManager for unique technical capabilities not offered by competitive solutions

Accipiter is able to offer more opportunities for its customers to increase sales through unique Revenue Management capabilities such as real-time inventory forecasting, campaign and creative performance optimization, and the ability to serve ads in any type of rich media format, including podcasts, photocasts, blogs, RSS feeds, and streaming video and audio.

Customers may also group their campaigns into priority tiers to improve the ROI on each ad request. This feature allows customers to assure that better-performing campaigns are served at a higher priority than lesser-performing campaigns. For instance, in some cases, it may be appropriate for a customer to serve branding campaigns before performance-based campaigns.

101communications, an integrated media company aimed at specialized targets within the IT community, recently migrated to AdManager Hosted from a competitive solution. One of the greatest values organizations such as 101communications are gaining with AdManager is the ability to fully optimize campaign performance by starting and modifying campaigns within minutes of initial submission.

“In the world of online impressions, hours and even minutes can be the determining factor of a campaign hitting its goals or falling short,” commented Marlin Mowatt, director of web operations for 101communications. “It’s a comfort to know that if a campaign is modified, the changes will be made and AdManager will re-evaluate its objectives and tasks within minutes to hit our overall goals.”

This past fall, the Hostworks/Accipiter partnership signed News Interactive, the online media division of News Limited, a Rupert Murdoch company, to manage ad delivery to its site network.

Alistair Carwardine, director of online services for News Interactive, commented that “Hostworks has a proven record of handling high-volume publishing sites and the Accipiter solution has the ability to scale to our needs as we grow.”

“With our explosive growth over the past twelve months indicative of a buoyant online ad sector, we wanted to ensure our site network was well-positioned to handle the increased ad delivery requirements,” continued Carwardine. “We chose this managed service because it gives us the benefits of the solution without the need for extra staff, having to build boxes, or run the application ourselves.”

Customers migrate to AdManager for unique ability to serve all innovative media formats

Many of Accipiter’s competitive customer wins have migrated to AdManager for its ability to support all types of media formats. A large number of these customers’ top advertisers and agencies use innovative rich media solutions and creative formats. By effectively serving and tracking even the most sophisticated ad formats, these customers can command premium ad traffic rates not possible with other ad serving solutions in the marketplace.

“As advertisers strive to engage increasingly empowered digital consumers, our customers are more willing to invest in technologies that will support the next generation of online advertising,” said Jeff Wood, vice president of sales and account management for Accipiter. “Much of our new customer growth is rooted in innovative media formats such as RSS feeds, podcasts, photocasts, and streaming audio/video.”

For example, 101communications is the latest Accipiter customer taking advantage of AdManager’s ability to deliver ads through advanced syndication technologies, such as RSS feeds. “With AdManager’s flexible ad serving options, we have been able to increase our advertising creative types that were not previously possible with our former ad management solution,” said Mowatt.

Customers happy with ease of migration and integration process
Accipiter customers find it easy to migrate from their existing ad server to AdManager and to integrate the technology with existing workflow and billing infrastructure. This past summer, Accipiter signed the interactive division of global media and entertainment giant Clear Channel Communications (NYSE:CCU) to an AdManager Licensed contract. A major factor in Inergize Digital Media’s (formerly CCTVI) decision to move to AdManager from a competitive solution was the availability of the XML Integration Module. Initially, Inergize Digital Media used the XML Integration Module platform to migrate approximately 1000 campaigns from the division’s previous ad management system to AdManager, negating the need for manual reformatting or multiple data entry.

“We were very pleased at how easy it was to migrate to AdManager,” said Jason Gould, regional vice president and general manager, Inergize Digital Media. “To manually transition all of our campaigns to the new system would have been a tedious and time-consuming task. Using Accipiter’s XML Integration Module, it took us less than one week to successfully migrate our campaigns, saving us time, operational costs, and reducing the potential for human error.”

Accipiter prides itself on strategic role of customer service as compared to other vendors

Accipiter has elevated its customer service program to a strategic corporate level in order to help secure and maintain new customers. The company routinely hears from industry leaders that Accipiter takes care of its customers, making a commitment to work together as a team to help maximize online revenue and make the most use of every ad impression served.

Teletext, the UK’s leading text information provider to analog & digital television, the Internet, and mobile devices, recently moved from a major competitive solution to AdManager. Accipiter’s level of customer service as compared to its previous solution was a major motivating factor in the switch. “As our contract with our previous provider was coming to an end, we felt it was the right time to re-evaluate our ad serving capabilities to ensure we were using the best solution,” said Samantha Hart, online retention manager, Teletext Holidays. “Not only was their pricing more competitive, but Accipiter quickly established themselves as a trusted working partner of ours, providing an exceptional level of customer service that we have not received in the past.”

Marlin Mowatt of 101communications adds, “Accipiter really takes customer service back to what it used to be – every issue stays open until the customer is satisfied with the solution.”

Accipiter looking ahead to highly successful 2006

Based on a highly-successful year in 2005, Accipiter has established equally aggressive goals for the upcoming year. “2006 promises to deliver a new generation of online advertising,” said Brian Handly, Accipiter CEO. “We enjoy empowering our customers and supporting them as we branch into new market opportunities.”

Plans are in place to continue driving revenue through new customer sales and competitive wins, new product releases and updates, and to expand territory and global presence through resellers and partnerships.

About Accipiter
Accipiter has been serving and enriching the online advertising industry since 1996. Web publishers, media networks, and eTailers take advantage of Accipiter’s innovative ad management and behavioral targeting solutions to effectively manage their online advertising revenue. Accipiter’s established industry experience and substantial investment in technology provides their customers with the very latest in advanced online advertising solutions. Accipiter’s technology supports and delivers ads in any emerging rich media format, including RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, photocasts, and streaming audio and video. With more than 350 customers worldwide, over 50 billion online ads are served each month using Accipiter’s technology. For more information, please visit


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