Storing Searches:

Third Light have devised a new process for structuring image libraries using Smart Folders. This new innovation allows the layout of an image library to be constructed using stored searches, to create collections of pictures that can be browsed like folders.

For example, using Third Light’s product it is now possible to automatically build a folder containing all images related to “Cambridge” by making a Smart Folder that searches for the keyword “Cambridge”. The underlying search engine then keeps this folder up-to-date, adding and removing pictures whenever necessary behind the scenes.

Bringing XMP™ to the Masses:

Metadata is information – such as keywords and captions – that is stored with an image file. In recent months, Third Light have release a range of new metadata tools related to the highly-regarded XML metadata project, Adobe XMP™.

Smart Folders are the latest Third Light innovation to harness this technology.

Michael Wells, Managing Director of Third Light, comments:

“The time and effort invested in writing captions and keywords is the underlying value of a library: the better the metadata, the better the results.

“We have taken XMP and our search technologies, and combined it with folders. This makes it possible to structure pictures by using searches: IMS users can now create ad-hoc collections of pictures simply by running a query, and then saving it as a Smart Folder.
“During development, we found this approach benefits large sites beyond our expectations. It completely revolutionises the process of collecting images together into categories, because it makes it so fast to try new concepts and create galleries. We are running workshops to help existing clients use this new tool.”

Smart Folders are available in IMS v4.2, available now in the IMS Subscription and IMS Corporate Appliance products. Existing customers receive a free upgrade.

High resolution picture source:

About Third Light:

Third Light is a software and internet services business based in Cambridge, UK. Third Light’s core business is to develop and host specialist business software for online image archival, galleries and collaboration.

Third Light’s flagship product is the IMS Corporate Appliance, an image library server for use on company intranets or extranets which relieves businesses of common asset management problems. IMS improves productivity in a multiple office environment where images are shared. Third Light also mains a significant offering for photographers and real-time press desks.

Key references include FTSE listed corporations such as Xstrata AG (Switzerland), Cytec SA (Belgium), Alcan Gove (Australia). Third Light also supply large academic and governmental organisations, including Anglia Ruskin University, the Learning Skills Council, VisitBritain and the Royal National Lifeboats Institute (RNLI).

Published on: 12:00AM on 15th February 2006