Visualsoft, one of the north east's largest web development and online marketing companies have launched Goofbay -

Goofbay has been designed to help new and existing and new eBay users find bargain auctions that have spelling mistakes in the titles.

Thousands of ebay auctions each and every day are listed with spelling mistakes in the titles resulting in fewer bids and subsequent bargains.

Goofbay ( has been developed to help users find these auctions, simply enter the correct spelling of what you are looking for and Goofbay will do the rest.

Goofbay will:

• Search its database of common spelling mistakes
• Remove relevant spacing
• Add relevant spacing
• Re-arrange common letters

Goofbay also includes extra search facilities that are not available in eBay including the ability to sort results by total price including postage, invaluable to weed the auctions swamping eBay with low bid prices but extortionate packing and postage.

Richard Bendelow
Visualsoft UK Ltd
t:0870 766 1092
f:0870 766 1093

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th February 2006