Local Directgov provides expert helpdesk service and good practice guidance package for Local Authorities

Tel: 0845 603 2587 Web: www.localdirectgovhelp.info

Local Directgov is offering Local Authorities an online and telephone helpdesk service, along with a series of good practice guidance, which will provide advice on online usability and accessibility issues.

The service, provided by user experience experts Nomensa, is designed to support the Government’s quest to increase citizen take up of Local Authority online services.

The advice and information helpdesk is available across the country Monday to Friday 9:00hrs to 18:00 hrs and is being provided by Nomensa, specialists in online usability and accessibility. The good practice guidance series will be made available online and on CD.

Key issues that will be addressed by the helpdesk service include: accessibility and usability guidance; technical information; and practical examples of good practice implementations.

Patrick Clark, Local Directgov Programme Manager, comments: “Local Authorities have worked extremely hard to meet the demands of the Local e-Gov Programme and Local Directgov aims to build on their successes by driving more users to their websites. The launch of the helpdesk service and good practice guidance will compliment this by providing good practice guidelines and practical support for Local Authority Webmasters who want to provide their customers with quality online transactions and encourage them to continue to use their websites to access local services.”

Sally Lincoln, commercial director at Nomensa, comments: “On behalf of Local Directgov, we are now set up to share our knowledge and experience with others by practical help and support and offering good-practice guidelines that will be delivered to customers in a clear and tangible way”.

An online support system and weekly email updates will also be provided to encourage the knowledge sharing, keeping Local Authority webmasters in constant communication with one another, offering hot tips, help and support.

Notes to editor

For more information contact:
Charlotte Hanson
immediate future Ltd.
0845 408 2031

About Nomensa
Established in 2001, Nomensa is a specialist agency, focusing on improving the ‘user experience’ online. It combines usability, accessibility and strong web development skills to help public and private sector clients develop online strategies and to help their online services be more inclusive and accountable.

Nomensa has a research based methodology that put people at the centre of its activities. Everything it does focuses on understanding the experience people have when using technology.

Nomensa currently works with a variety of public and private sector clients, including Haringey Council, Local Directgov, British Gas and Broads Authority.

About Local Directgov
The Local Directgov Programme has been developed to help increase citizen take up of online Local Authority services. It will further raise the level of citizen interaction by enabling access to individual Local Authority services online via the Directgov website www.direct.gov.uk. The Local Directgov Programme is an integral part of the Directgov programme, which provides the citizen with direct online access to Government services.

Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd February 2006