Nedstat makes website analytics easier and faster

Diemen, 27 February 2006 – Nedstat announces the launch of the new generation Sitestat, version 5. The user interface is completely new and based on state-of-the-art AJAX technology. Sitestat 5 has over 50 product improvements, the performance is up to 50% better and reports can be created or edited in only 3 clicks.

The new generation Sitestat is for modern e-business teams where people from different disciplines and levels need quick and clear answers for better online decisions.
The interface is highly intuitive with a clear menu structure, familiar icons and all help functions at hand. In addition, working with Sitestat 5 is now faster than ever as a result of its simple structure and state-of-the-art AJAX technology.

Users can edit reports or elements within a report with just a few clicks and view the results instantly. Comparing results of different reporting periods can be done in one single view.

With the growing number of users in a company, the new version has a number of personalization features. Users can now add personal commentaries to reports and save reports in personal folders or folders that they share with colleagues.

The Sitestat 5 software has an Application Program Interface (API) that will facilitate the integration of Sitestat data with data from other tools and applications.

Sitestat 5 marks a very important milestone in the development of Nedstat. Michael Kinsbergen, CEO: “We continue to see companies expand their online teams. As in traditional business, different departments and disciplines will emerge as these organizations grow. In all these areas it is important that people can monitor and analyse their initiatives. This means that many different users must have quick and easy access to web analytics. Sitestat 5 does exactly that. It makes website analytics more accessible than ever for users at all levels.”

About Nedstat

Nedstat is the European leader in website analytics.

The Nedstat products and services enable users to improve the effectiveness and profitability of their online communication and business. Nedstat aims to make website analytics straightforward and accessible. Therefore, products are easy to use, reports are clear and fast to access and support is personal and high quality.

Nedstat employs 125 people in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The client list includes several renowned and internationally operating organizations like Danone, Ernst & Young, ING, Marks & Spencer, Renault, Panasonic and Thomas Cook. Also, numerous government and not-for-profit organizations have benefited from Nedstat's expertise in delivering reports on users’ behavior online.

Published on: 12:00AM on 27th February 2006