Leading reference publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK) has produced a tongue-in-cheek viral game to support the marketing for its new do-it-yourself book, DIY: Know-How with Show-How by Peter Parham & Julian Cassell.

Produced by digital marketing agency Victoria Real, the game’s URL: www.diybattle.co.uk is being seeded by email and advertised on viral websites to create word of mouth coverage and a buzz around the book.

The game, DIY Battle of the Sexes, pitches guys and girls against each other as they test their tool knowledge in a quirky version of childhood favourite game: Scissors, Paper, Stone; ultimately competing for the chance to wreak DIY disaster on their opponent’s house. A scoreboard keeps track of which sex has the most success with the game and players can send a rallying message to members of their gender to help even up the score.

At the end of the game, players get the chance to win a 42” plasma TV by joining the free DK new books monthly newsletter and are pointed back to www.dk.com/diy to find out more about the book.

The players lose the game through lack of basic do-it-yourself knowledge and the game highlights DIY: Know-How with Show-How, the only DIY book that has fully illustrated step-by-step instructions, as their saving grace.

Launching around Easter weekend, an extremely popular time for DIY, the game is designed to appeal to both sexes as research suggests that more and more women are carrying out DIY tasks.

Marking a new direction in marketing for DK, this is their biggest foray into online marketing and is the first time they have produced a viral to support the launch of a book.

Play the game at www.diybattle.co.uk

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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th April 2006