Lenox Utilizing Scene7 On-Demand To Uplift Conversion Rates 100%

Leveraging full platform for dynamic zoom, sizing, personalized product visuals, targeted email and online catalogs

NOVATO, CA — April 26, 2006 — Scene7®, provider of the leading on-demand rich media platform, today announced that Lenox (www.Lenox.com), a leading manufacturer and retailer of gifts, tableware and collectibles, is driving conversion rates by 2X for its personalized products employing dynamic monogramming, increasing conversion rates by 46% across all products using dynamic zoom and decreasing time and cost by 30% for web image production.

Founded in 1889, the Lenox product line, widely recognized for excellence in design, includes fine china, casual collections in stoneware and earthenware, crystal stemware, stainless and sterling flatware, as well as award-winning gifts and collectibles. Since late 2004, Lenox has used Scene7’s platform to enable personalized email campaigns. Last year, Lenox extended its use of Scene7 to its website to provide personalized “previews” of its monogrammed, birthstone and engraved items, interactive zoom/pan, dynamic sizing across all imagery on the site, and online catalogs.

Personalization Previews
A significant - and growing - part of Lenox’s business is personalized products. It discovered that visually representing the monogrammed, birthstone and engraved products in the exact font, style, contour, and color as the delivered product was the key to increasing their personalized product business. Scene7’s platform allows Lenox to realistically contour custom high style fonts dynamically so buyers can preview their own custom item before purchase. This “virtual” merchandise accurately represents the merchandise, encouraging purchase by up to 2X, while reducing returns.

“Scene7 is the only vendor that can deliver instant personalized product imagery to meet our high standards for visualization,” states Lori Leone, Merchandising Manager. “Our customers have reacted very positively to this new feature. To extend this, we tested personalizing featured products on our homepage, so our customers would see their own monogrammed product presented automatically when they visited our site. The response to this was so overwhelming that it far exceeded our expectations.” Ms. Leone also added that the ROI on personalization preview is very positive, with a pay back in less than 3 months.

Dynamic Zoom/Pan
Lenox implemented the ability to zoom in on fine details to examine product features and stylistic design, replacing the ability to enlarge. This was easily accomplished across all products by simply adding a URL command into the product page template. Since launching this flash-based rich media feature, 51% of its customers now use dynamic zoom, but most importantly Lenox has seen an increase in conversions of 46% for those using dynamic zoom and extremely positive customer reaction through Lenox’s ongoing BizRate satisfaction surveys. Ms. Leone said, “These business results are impressive and really gratifying. Dynamic zoom and pan helps increase our customers’ confidence and provides the needed visual information to feel comfortable about making the purchase decision.”

Dynamic Image Sizing
With over 5,000 products online and a 20%+ annual turnover rate, Lenox greatly benefited from Scene7’s dynamic sizing capabilities. Originally, Lenox hired temps to manually create all its web imagery sizes, causing quality and quantity management issues. Dynamic sizing enables Lenox to utilize one high resolution image and dynamically create all derivatives, which has reduced the time and cost of production and publishing for Lenox up to 30%. Dynamic sizing will also eliminate all image production when new web page designs are introduced, providing added flexibility the company never experienced before. “Dynamic sizing is a lifesaver!” claims Ms. Leone. “When we make changes to our page templates, our images are automatically converted to the new sizes with a simple change to the URL call imbedded in the new page template. We now no longer have to worry about a complete resize update.”

Wanting to work with a single-source rich media vendor, Lenox moved from out-sourcing its online catalog production with another full service vendor to Scene7’s eCatalog services. The company selected Scene7 as its go-to-market rich media vendor, because Scene7 offered the broadest solution set and the lowest cost eCatalog services. Lenox now offers its browsers a more interactive, integrated viewing experience complete with dynamic panning and zoom, realistic page turning, and links to product pages. The company also initiates direct email campaigns to announce new catalogs and give its customers a sneak preview of the catalog before the print version arrives.

Lenox plans to further extend its use of Scene7 On-Demand to add dynamic layering. Using Dynamic Overlays, Lenox can add visual impact to improve messaging and associations to special offers, “limited editions”, inventory, etc. by dynamically overlaying banners and text onto imagery in real-time -- tying directly to databases.

"We look forward to working with Lenox, a premier leader in fine china, crystal and gifts, on their new initiatives for 2006," said Doug Mack, CEO of Scene7. “Lenox is truly achieving stand-out business results particularly in the area of personalized products and direct marketing campaigns.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th April 2006