ICOM4 have signed an agreement to resell Trinicom’s eService Center ™ into the UK and offshore call centre arena.

Cambridge, United Kingdom - Trinicom the European leader in multi-channel customer interaction solutions has signed ICOM4 as a reseller to target both the UK and offshore call centre market.

ICOM4 a dynamic new entry into the communications market, provide a full range of solutions to high traffic and multi-site call centres in the UK and abroad. The partnership with Trinicom provides the final part of the ICOM4 portfolio by adding the truly multi-channel eService Center™. This completes the suite of IP Telephony, Call Centre ACD/IVR and CRM products that link their range of connectivity, telephony, mobility and support services.

Libby Mitcheson-Smith, Managing Director of Trinicom UK commented, “We are thrilled to be working with such a dynamic and hungry partner. ICOM4’s fresh approach to the market and 360° service offering has already presented a number of exciting opportunities at home and abroad, and introduced new concepts for utilising the versatility of the eService Center™”.

After a rigorous review of the current market, ICOM4 have assembled a focussed portfolio of ‘best in breed’ suppliers to provide a holistic range of services with the convergence of various communication technologies across a central IP platform identified as a keystone of future contact centre developments.

“Our market review found that contact centres increasingly faced burgeoning traffic levels from new channels such as email and SMS. Therefore we needed a solution that was multi-channel and provided response uniformity by using a single knowledge base”, said Jaz Sangha MD at ICOM4.

“Furthermore”, continued Lee Cassidy ICOM4’s Technical Director, “the Trinicom solution is fast and simple to deploy and provides the only real means to reduce traffic levels by offering a meaningful alternative in web self-service”.

About Trinicom
Trinicom is the European leader in multi-channel customer interaction software, and ranked number 25 in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA in 2005. The company offers email response management, agent support, web self-service and chat software, through its acclaimed eService Center™. This web based application improves customer service, reduces costs, and can support the customer contact process of any organisation; managing the swift and uniform processing and answering of questions using one central knowledgebase. Trinicom has in excess of 120 blue chip clients across a range of industries and in the Benelux region 7 out of 10 outsourced call centres use Trinicom to manage their multi-channel communications. Trinicom also provides strategic consulting services to its customers, and is headquartered in the Netherlands with offices across Europe.
For further information please visit: www.trinicom.uk.com

About ICOM4
ICOM4 provides a variety of services and products to UK businesses and off-shore call centres who call into the UK or USA. These services include IP Telephony as a hosted central exchange (CENTREX), hosted call centre services such as ACD, diallers, reporting and call recording, these can all include IVR and voicemail capabilities as well as handing all major media such as voice, fax, email, sms and web chat. ICOM4 uses its experiences in call centre services and telephony in conjunction with partnerships with major telephony and call centre product vendors to provide a high quality end to end service, linked to the latest legislation and requirements of TPS, Oftel, ITSPA and the DMA. ICOM4 also provides a number of data connectivity products and mobile and fixed line phones for business users.
For further information please visit: www.icom4.co.uk


Trinicom UK Ltd
Libby Mitcheson-Smith
+44 (0)1223 257749

Published on: 12:00AM on 26th April 2006