The focus is on affordability, scalability and ease of use of new content management system

London, May 5, 2006 - Newly-launched content management system, PresideCMS - which combines affordability, scalability and ease of use - has already signed up visionary customers, including The College of Optometrists, who are focusing on its innovative functionality and features for managing Web content.

Designed for websites, intranets and extranets, PresideCMS is available in Professional and Enterprise versions to suit SMEs and larger organisations respectively.

Alex Skinner, Preside’s Managing Director, said: “When we designed PresideCMS we wanted to enable departmental content producers to take ownership of creating, managing and maintaining their own content, while ensuring organisational control. Whether they are managing online content internally or using external agencies, Preside CMS enables them to overcome the barriers that have prevented easy and cost-effective management and publication of content.”

Key features of PresideCMS include:
* Multiplatform .NET and J2EE support
* Linux and Windows support
* Microsoft Word integration
* Easy management of sections and pages within a website
* User-friendly editing interface and administration
* Customisable multi-level workflow capabilities

The College of Optometrists is one customer that has had the vision to commit to PresideCMS for the content management of its new website, “PresideCMS allows us to focus on how we structure and publish content for our various audiences, enabling visitors to navigate for information easily on our website,” said James Samarasinghe, IT Manager, The College of Optometrists. “Using PresideCMS we can easily update all aspects of the site content, enabling us to save time, effort and cost and enhance the visitor experience.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th May 2006