Developing a multilingual website strategy isn’t just a matter of translation, says report

London, May 8, 2006 – A new report, ’10 ways to develop a global online brand’ - the latest in a series from LB Icon, an international full-service interactive marketing and Web technology solutions company - has just been released.

The report, which can be accessed at, examines what is ‘best practice’ in establishing a global online brand and the key considerations required for developing a multilingual website strategy.

“A company’s website is usually the first point of contact for customers, prospects, suppliers, partners and investors globally to get information – and encounter the brand experience,” said Tarnya Norse, LB Icon’s Marketing Director. “The challenge to organisations is to maintain the flexibility to change and maintain content locally across different markets and in different languages within established and agreed corporate brand values.”

The 10 key areas covered by the report include:

* Establishing a global brand - ensuring consistency across geographical barriers
* Having a global online strategy – conveying the brand globally in a matter of seconds
* Why have a multilingual website? - communicating to a global audience in their own languages
* Stakeholders – who is involved in creating, managing or using a multilingual website?
* Localisation - content localisation enables companies to leverage corporate assets
* Information architecture – enabling faster and smoother multiple territory roll-out
* User interface - making the interface attractive, relevant and convenient to customers
* Global content management - empowering your people while maintaining corporate control
* Content syndication – informing, attracting and engaging users with relevant content Translation – enabling customers to interact and receive information in their own languages.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th May 2006