LONDON, UK / MUNICH, GERMANY, 08.05.2006, Interactice marketing service provider Responsewave ( announces the release of the market's first Marketing ASP (Application Service Provider) platform developed in RUBY on RAILS (RoR -

The new WaveONE platform allows marketers to perform interactive campaigns in a true multi-channel marketing environment, integrating online, offline and wireless communications channels.

The newly launched marketing ASP platform was initially developed in a J2EE environment using Hibernate and Spring and reengineered in Ruby for on Rails over the last monthsyear. Before the reengineering project beganwas initialized, several technologies and frameworks were evaluated.

"Over the last few years, we have experienced increasing client requests for custom functionality and changes enhancements inin our ASP platform to address a constantly changing online consumer behavior. In a J2EE environment we experienced that complexity just increased as diverse functionality was added to our platform on demand" explains Eric Baumgardner, CTO of Responsewave.

"Moving to a Ruby on Rails environment, has allowed us to build an extremely flexible frameworkplatform through whichwhere we can easily scale our application platform by constantly adding new features and elements, while keeping the application architecture optimized for delivering first class Internet applications", adds Eric.

"Ruby on Rails also sets the stage for the ever increasing Web 2.0 functionality requests coming from clients by providing built-in support for AJAX and web service calls. This leads to an overall reduced complexity in the software architecture, which in turn drastically increases productivity", Eric explains.

While evaluating different technologies and application frameworks, it was important forthat the new marketing ASP to meet high standards for handling extreme amounts of traffic and executing application logic effectively.

"As a trusted global provider of hosted marketing campaigns, it is essential that we can deliver the quality and reliability that meet our client's expectations. Our dynamic campaigns generate extreme amounts of traffic and user registrations. Often we generate more loads in just days than our clients experience in a whole month, and it is essential that we can provide a unique customer experience, independent of whetherif it is 1 or 200 concurrent users in the campaign at the same time", says Henrik Mandal, Founder of Responsewave.

Scalability is very important for today's generation of Internet applications. The Responsewave R&D department carefully tested Ruby on Rails with extreme loads.

"Many marketers underestimate the importancet of instant delivery of user specific content in online marketing campaigns. When a user enters a website, all elements need to be displayed instantly without any delay, as marketing is all about timing," added Henrik. "What often happens in online marketing campaigns is that many users request the same site simultaneously and the application is not capable of serving the number of user requests. As a leading provider of hosted marketing applications, this is our core business. We deliver turnkey marketing solutions and our solution needs to meet the high standards of today's business critical applications", explains Henrik.

"We spent great resources on testing the new platform, and after the first week of the new platform in production, the application generated over 5 million personalized page views, 700 000 user registrations, and produced over 2 million confirmation letters sent by email without any user delay or application error", adds Henrik.

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About Responsewave
Responsewave is an innovative provider of hosted Multi-channel Relationship Marketing, providing clients with a complete hosted campaign infrastructure for planning, building, testing and analyzing interactive multi-channel marketing campaigns.

As a trusted Application Service Provider (ASP), Responsewave delivers scalable solutions for clients across Europe and the US

Published on: 12:00AM on 8th May 2006