Commercial growth, industry best practice and tomorrow’s interactive landscape top the agenda at BIMA

BIMA’s newly elected executive announces a strategy with commercial growth for members at its core.

Emphasis is on creating and driving industry standards, broadening and strengthening networks, and taking a more proactive role in the technology and the people of tomorrow.

This year’s focus is on practical help and advice to members. BIMA intends to develop best practice guides, white papers, thought pieces and expert networks to set accepted industry standards and help its members meet legislative and corporate governance requirements.

“BIMA has a unique opportunity to speak with a unified voice for a broad cross section of the interactive industry that takes in every market sector as well as academia and government,” says Paul Walsh, BIMA’s newly elected Chair.

Paul intends to steer the non-profit organisation into a new era that embraces issues facing the new media industry of tomorrow and maintains the UK’s position as the creative powerhouse of the digital world.
Together with fellow new executive members, Dermot O’Mahoney, Head of Customer Online Marketing at o2, and Mirage Islam, Head of Development Programme at BSkyB, BIMA will explore mobile and the opportunities it offers interactive on the move. But this will be a springboard for other emerging channels such as interactive TV.

With tomorrow firmly in mind, BIMA also plans to take a more proactive role in academia, helping today’s undergraduates understand the demands of the future interactive industry and encouraging student placements within its membership.

“I want our collective voice to grow stronger and louder, and to push the boundaries of the new media industry, whether that’s through member access to experts or best practice guides, setting industry standards or exploring new exciting areas of interactive such as mobile, “ says Paul.

Other new executive members include Vice Chair, Margaret Manning from Reading Room, Julie Lane of Framfab, and Richard Copping of Isle Interactive.


Editorial notes

About BIMA

BIMA, the British Interactive Media Association, is a non-profit association that represents and supports companies who supply creative, consultancy and production services for the interactive industry, in all digital media regardless of application.

Acting as a unifying and impartial voice, BIMA represents a cross section of the independent interactive industry crossing a number of sectors into academia and government.

BIMA champions the important issues that shape the UK’s reputation for creativity in the digital world. It does this by promoting education, skills and training, and by providing expert advice and guidance not only to its members but by nurturing the leaders of tomorrow’s interactive landscape.

Setting industry standards, BIMA defines best practice with the aim of building solid and lasting affiliations with recognised industry standards bodies to help its members meet legislative and corporate governance requirements.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 11th May 2006