Balancing the scales between Zeus and F5

Cambridge, UK, May 18, 2006 – Zeus Technology receives “Very Good” award from InfoWorld Media Group, responsible for delivering award-winning technology and product news, research and analysis to the IT community for over 25 years.

A rating of “Very Good” recognizes companies whose products are reviewed and receive a score of 8.0 or higher based on a list of criteria most relevant to enterprise buying decisions. Receiving a “Very Good” rating assures IT professionals of a product’s quality and market readiness before they make a purchase.

The review concludes that Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager (ZXTM) 7000 is more feature-rich than F5’s BIG-IP 6800 at a more attractive price-point.

Reviewer Logan Harbaugh conducted extensive testing of the two products, using real-world traffic in a demo version of an e-commerce application. This involved setting up several servers with the same Web site, with ZXTM and BIG-IP 6800 used to create a virtual cluster of the servers, which varied in processor number and power. He found that even when trying to overload the products by enabling processor intensive features such as SSL sessions and application security, the ZXTM 7000 saturates gigabit connection first.

ZXTM was ranked at 9 out of 10 for both performance and value. Harbaugh comments: “The ZXTM 7000 offers excellent performance and a strong feature set. Because it can be clustered up easily to 64 appliances, it also offers a way to start relatively small and scale as your application grows.”

Paul Di Leo, CEO of Zeus, said: “We are proud to be recognized by such an industry-leading publication for the quality of our product. We have seen a period of rapid growth both in the US and globally, and we are committed to continuing to improve the features of ZXTM to offer customers truly enterprise-class traffic management and load balancing capabilities.”

“Our methodology for testing products is simple,” says Doug Dineley, InfoWorld Media Group’s Executive Editor for the Test Center. “We utilize real, working technologists and analysts with years of ‘in the trenches’ IT experience to construct tests in an environment that mirrors the real enterprises of our readers. This ratings’ program gives IT buyers a quick sense of the top enterprise-ready products on the market today.”

InfoWorld’s testing environment spans over 6,000 miles in seven locations, allowing test center analysts to realistically simulate environments of the IT professional. With multiple locations and true IT professionals conducting the tests, InfoWorld is able to accurately review products and services that require either a highly distributed or networked environment or a single, specialized testing facility. Using a unique rating system, the InfoWorld Test Center evaluates product based on the criteria most important to the specific technology category.

In addition to this recognition, ZXTM has also recently won: Accelerator Product of the Year; Editor's Award for most innovative use of technology; ‘Product Breakthrough' award in the Application-Aware Infrastructure category; Gold Award from Broadband-Testing; and a nomination for Infrastructure Technology Product of the Year.

Contact Information:
Donna Perry
Zeus Technology
+44 1223 525000

Published on: 12:00AM on 18th May 2006