AdMarket allows publishers to create a private CPC marketplace for advertisers to bid for placements directly

RALEIGH, NC and LONDON, UK – May 17, 2006 – Accipiter Solutions, Inc., an online advertising technology innovator since 1996, today announced the general availability of AdMarket, an automated inventory management solution that helps web publishers create an ad marketplace for advertisers to bid for placements within the publishers’ sites.

AdMarket is an easy way to display relevant ads and maximize a site’s ROI by owning the advertiser relationship and increasing revenue shares. AdMarket enables publishers to influence advertisers directly and establish their own rate structures, placement categories, page and content areas.

“AdMarket is a natural and strategic complement to our existing products and services and another way for publishers to effectively capture revenue from the content on their sites, “said Brian Handly, Accipiter CEO. “AdMarket is unique from other CPC solutions because it gives publishers direct influence on advertisers, the ability to control bidding rates, and importantly, full disclosure on revenue share. We are pleased to offer a self-service advertising solution with the features publishers need to create additional targeted advertising inventory and in many cases, reclaim valuable inventory they may have previously allocated to a non personalized CPC network.”

AdMarket enables publishers to operate their own ad marketplace with their unique brand, advertisers and pricing strategy by allowing publishers to:

· Control Content – Publishers can approve or reject any placement to ensure ad relevancy and maximize ad performance.

· Monitor Performance – Both the publisher and their advertisers can create, approve, manage and report on campaigns in an easy-to-use interface.

· Maintain Brand Identity – Multiple ad templates are provided to ensure the placements complement a site’s look and feel.

· Support Flexible Ad Sizes – All standard Interactive Advertising Bureau sizes are supported and publishers can create custom sizes that work best on a site.

· Access Extended Inventory – A publisher can sell their own inventory, or for more complete coverage, they can also use the provided ad network.

· Receive Comprehensive Support – This turnkey-managed solution includes direct advertiser billing and technical support for publishers as well as advertisers.

· Click Fraud Detection – Advertisers who participate with AdMarket publishers can be reassured that every measure is taken to eliminate click fraud and ensure the highest qualified return on their ad spend.

· Seamless Setup – A new publisher account can be up and running in just minutes.

AdMarket provides publishers the following capabilities to help further increase ad revenue:

· Reach – Publishers can capture additional revenue from the rapidly growing small and mid-sized advertising market segment and can benefit from the thousands of advertisers already in the provided ad network.

· Revenue – By establishing the minimum bids and receiving a higher revenue share, publishers can achieve higher returns than in ad networks where a site’s uniqueness and appeal is lost. There are opportunities for a publisher to earn additional revenue from placements advertisers make across the network.

· Direct Relationships – Through direct relationships with a publisher’s advertisers, publishers will eliminate paying high fees to a third party ad network and will receive full disclosure on revenue share.

· Brand Association – Advertisers will pay more to be associated with a publisher’s brand. Appropriate leverage of a brand’s strength can command higher advertising rates.

· Inventory Competition – The bid-for-placement and automated real-time auction system forces advertisers to compete for valuable inventory and pay their maximum reservation price, without time-consuming negotiations.

· Efficient Model – The automated, easy-to-use, self-serve model is efficient and highly scalable, managing relationships with hundreds of advertisers while eliminating wasted time on paperwork and ultimately reducing your cost of sale.

AdMarket is now currently available. Please visit the Accipiter Web site ( to learn more about Accipiter’s AdMarket.

About Accipiter

Accipiter has been serving and enriching the online advertising industry since 1996. Web publishers, media networks, and eTailers take advantage of Accipiter’s innovative ad management and behavioral targeting solutions to effectively manage their online advertising revenue. Accipiter’s established industry experience and substantial investment in technology provides their customers with the very latest in advanced online advertising solutions. Accipiter’s technology supports and delivers ads in any emerging rich media format, including RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, photocasts, and streaming audio and video. With more than 350 customers worldwide, over 50 billion online ads are served each month using Accipiter’s technology. For more information, please visit


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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th May 2006