LONDON, UK, <30.03.2006> Multi-Channel marketing service provider Responsewave ( launched this week a new version of its hosted WaveONE Viral Marketing campaign builder. The Viral Marketing campaign builder enables companies to build hosted viral marketing campaigns for data capturing in just days using Responsewave’s predefined viral marketing campaign workflows.

Responsewave’s viral marketing campaign builder enables the user to easily build, test and deploy viral marketing campaigns based on Responsewave’s recommendation marketing principles. Recommendation marketing is based on empowering people to recommend products or services to their friends. The recommendations can be motivated by putting in place an incentive scheme for successful recommendations.

Responsewave’s viral marketing campaign builder is targeted to interactive agencies and companies with in-house web and internet competencies. The builder allows companies to do their own look-and-feel design for the campaigns, while automatically providing best-practice functionality and workflow to empower the campaign messages to reach the widest audience possible.

“The process of building a viral marketing campaign is easy and takes no more than a couple of hours at maximum with our system.” says Jesse Sandqvist of Responsewave. ”Of course there are particular aspects in building a campaign that need to considered more carefully such as the campaign concept, copy and the visual design. Our tool however enables companies to focus on these creative aspects of the campaigns while our tool takes away all the technical hassles. To mention a few technical elements the tool enables sending emails, letting users to review their personal recommendation status, automatically rewarding successful recommenders and triggering actions such as sending instant recommendation alerts on SMS.”

Korkeapaine (, a digital marketing agency in Helsinki, Finland, was one of the first agencies to use the viral marketing builder. Mikko Räty of Korkeapaine explains:”It is extremely easy, fast and cost effective for us to build viral marketing campaigns with the builder. The hosted builder and hosted viral marketing campaigns take away many technical obstacles that come with such high impact campaigns.”

Responsewave’s WaveONE marketing technology platform allows also the completely transparent measurement of the viral marketing campaigns. “Our clients have 100% transparency of what is happening in their viral marketing campaigns at all times” says Henrik Mandal the managing director of Responsewave. “Responsewave has taken a unique approach to viral marketing that enables us to track and record each individual action in our campaigns. Our clients get an access to a comprehensive online reporting tool where they can see and analyse how their campaign performed. This way our clients know and can identify who evangelises their messages. We are not aware of any other tools or providers that reach the same level of sophistication in viral marketing” adds Mandal.

Responsewave’s predefined viral marketing campaigns have been used in many industries and by over 50 companies. For example the tyre manufacturing giant Bridgestone achieved 17000% increase in their permission profile database in just four weeks with a Responsewave viral marketing campaign designed by Korkeapaine.

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About Responsewave Ltd.

Responsewave is an innovative provider of Hosted Multi-channel Relationship Marketing, providing clients with a complete campaign infrastructure for planning, building, testing and analysing interactive multi-channel marketing campaigns.

As a trusted Application Service Provider (ASP), Responsewave delivers scalable solutions for clients all across Europe.

About Korkeapaine

Korkeapaine is a digital communications business unit of Educrane Oy focusing on electronic communications and digital marketing. Educrane Ltd. was founded in Helsinki in early 2001 and it is specialised in digital business development by helping organisations to build web based management information systems.

Published on: 12:00AM on 30th March 2006